Old Observatory

My Original Flip-top Observatory in North Ryde, Sydney housing an LX90. Click on image to enlarge  BACK














































The Domed Galvanised Iron lid is hinged and counterweighted with Dumbells. It lifts with a light push. Being so close to the Pool was a problem. Twice in the dark I pushed back on a roller chair straight into the pool!.






The Equitorially mounted Meade 8" LX90 with a piggybacked Orion ED80 and Telrad. The lid counter weight can be seen in the right edge of the image. A long exposure modified web cam was mounted in a can and used on the ED80 as a guide scope. Images were taken with a Canon 300D DSLR camera.




This home made pier is electrically hieght adjustable, with a geared electric wheelchair motor.


It worked very well, but was not really stable enough for imaging. Locking bolts (to lock the inner shaft) were fitted later.


Along with this pier instability, the Observatory was too small, requiring me getting out and staying well away whilst imaging was in progress.





A homemade 3 D balance weight made out of wrapped roofing lead sheet screwed into a standard meade weight.