New Observatory

Observatory Construction, in North Ryde, Sydney, Australia. Click on image to enlarge.            BACK













Galvanised iron sheeting wrapped into a cone, suspended over a hole in the ground and supported by timber ready for quick set concrete pour.

A "Conecrete,Coneular Conestruction" ;-).





After 45 off 20kg bags of quick set concrete. Note 4 off  1meter bolts set into top of pier.

50 mm PVC pipe was inserted into the Pier for wiring. It enters at the top left of the Pier, and exits below floor level at the front. More PVC was then installed under the floor to exit at the edge of the floor at the PC. No wiring on the floor to trip up on!!.


Framing up. Tounge and groove floor, 3600 by 2400mm, a handy size, building materials are based on this standard, less waste. The wall height is only 1500mm though, somewhat short of the 1800 standard, but I wanted to be able to lean on the wall and enjoy the vista.





Roof rolling wheel, guide wheel and lockdown latch, one set on each corner. The wheels have bearings, this is critical for smooth running under load. The latch simply has a bolt to retain the latch. Easy to remove to roll back the roof ready for imaging. The guide wheels eliminated the need for a running wheel rail or groove, which would have required precision guide rail installation to stop riding up an edge or grabbing on the wheel rubber.


Unpainted interior. The walls are fibro and the roof colour bond sheets from the walls of the garden shed that was here previously. 


















Finished!. The tree restricts southern viewing, but the council wont let me remove it!.