My Telescope/Imaging  Equipment. Click on image to enlarge.                             BACK













 RCOS 10" RC mounted on a Paramount ME.

Carbon fibre tube, Ceramic mirror, no focus drift, and perfect guiding.















An LX200R 12" OTA mounted on a Losmandy G11 mount with a Gemini Goto Controller.


The Green box is a light box with 4 off dimable 30w Halogen Lamps for taking Flats.















The Control Center ;-).

The second LCD screen has a built in TV tuner for long boring imaging sessions, but can triple duty as a PC monitor or video monitor for use with a DSLR (Canon 350D). Red rope lights around the floor perimeter sure look sexy at night !.




I had this 25mm Aluminium plate supplied/cut for $50 to mount the G11 to the Pier. The angled bolts secure the G11 hard to the plate. Ugly, but it works. I probably should have purchased the Losmandy adaptor to do it properly.

The dodgy lead counter weight was later fixed to the shaft more securley.




The Gemini controller mounted to the Plate. Note the right Pier nut had to be countersunk into the plate to avoid interfering with the DEC knob.







Orion ST80 Guide scope mounted on the LX200R OTA with SBIG external guide cam. To get focus I added a barlow tube with the lens removed as an extention tube.

Also mounted is an ST10XME SBIG cam, CFW8 filter wheel, TCF-S temperature compensating Focuser and AP F6.7 focal reducer (fits inside the focuser, so dosent affect back focus).

A home made dew heater controller is the white box with 2 knobs, connected to Kendrick dew heaters on the main and guide OTAs.

Water cooling was later fitted to the Camera due to up to 30 deg ambient temperatures making my standard -15 deg operating temp difficult to achieve !.