Kevin Bruyneel

Associate Professor of Politics

Babson College, MA 

My research interests are in the fields of American Politics, Race and Ethnicity Politics, and Political Theory. I teach a range of classes in these areas as a faculty member in the History and Society Divison of Babson College in Massachusetts.  I received my Ph.D. in Political Science from the New School for Social Research in 2001. My research focus has been on the political relationship between the United States and indigenous people, which I trace from the U.S. Civil War to our time utilizing the insights of postcolonial theory. This work culminated in my first book, The Third Space of Sovereignty: The Postcolonial Politics of U.S.-Indigenous Relations, published in Fall 2007 with University of Minnesota Press, Indigenous Americas Series. The book has received very positive reviews in such journals as Ethnohistory, Journal of American History, Studies in American Indian Literature, and Western History Quarterly. 

The Third Space of Sovereignty:

The Postcolonial Politics of U.S.-Indigenous Relations

    (University of Minnesota Press, Indigenous Americas Series, 2007)

Future Work and CV: My next project is tentatively titled Making Space Tell Time: Race, Colonialism, and Collective Memory in the United States and Canada. With this research I seek to grasp how the United States and Canada come to terms with the colonial and racial domination that founded and now maintain these nations. I do so by examining those memorials and constructions of public space that contribute to the collective memory of a nation. While I am in the early stages of this work, my essay on Métis political actor Louis Riel, who led anti-colonial rebellions against Canadian state expansion in the 19th century, has been accepted for publication by the Canadian Journal of Political Science. Another related essay article, entitled "Hierarchy and Hybridity: The Internal Postcolonialism of Mid-19th Century American Expansionism" is a chapter in Race and American Political  Development, (Routledge 2008), volume edited by Joseph Lowndes, Julie Novkov, and Dorian Warren. Please see my CV for my teaching, research, and professional activities.

          Brief Bio: I was born and raised in Vancouver, B.C. My graduate school years were spent in New York City, and I now live in Somerville, MA, with my partner Pagan and our cat Fredo. Pagan is the profilic writer of the household, and her most recent book is The Dangerous Joy of Dr. Sex and Other True Stories , check it out! Fredo is still learning how to type.