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My book, Design Patterns for Searching in C# can be found here..  
The associated library can be downloaded from this page ("", at the bottom of this page).
My Linguist Parsing System is at Linguist Parsing System.

My Neurosky interface software is at NeuroExperimenter.

Useful Links:
Free Chess Database:

Programming Contest:

High quality, free education:

My chess videos on YouTube:

 I help to run a kids' chess club : Chili Library Chess Club.

My free chess software (for Windows)

Chessboard Capture Program

This tool allows you to capture an image of a chess diagram from your monitor and convert it to FEN (a form acceptable to database and other chess programs).  To obtain it download (below). Documentation of the tool can be found here.  A YouTubevideo describing how to use it is here.  I updated this on 3/14/15 (V4.1) to greatly improve the learning algorithm.

Guess the Move Program

The Guess the Move Program lets you play over chess games, guessing the move for the winning side before you see it.  It scores your move and the whole game by using a chess engine to evaluate the positions you obtain. GTM has had over 20,000 downloads on To get the program download (below). The User's Guide for GTM can be found here. A YouTube video describing the program can be found here.

Yatt -- Yet Another Tactics Trainer

Yatt presents chess puzzles to you using a spaced repetition algorithm.  It contains about 5500 puzzles. To get the program, download (below). The user's guide for Yatt can be found here. There is a video here.

Chess Speak -- A Voice Interface to a Chess Engine

ChessSpeak allows you to speak moves to any UCI chess engine and receive the engine's move in audio.  This lets you set up a real board and pieces across the room from the computer and play a game against the engine without having to use the mouse, keyboard, or monitor.  Some find this a more natural way to play chess and their "board vision" benefits from using actual pieces. You can use the program to practice blindfold chess; it has a graphical interface too. Additionally, ChessSpeak will calculate your rating and ratings for chess engines. To get the program download (below).  The user's guide for ChessSpeak is here.  There is a YouTube video here.

Support for Chess Clubs


Free software  for chess clubs.  Includes tournament and ratings managers.  Documentation and club forms included.  Download (below).
Documentation for the Chess Club Kit can be found at Chess club kit docset.

NOTE: to download a file, click on the "down arrow" to the right of the version number (do not click on the file itself: that will likely produce an error.
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