Accuracy of dead reckoning

Accuracy of dead reckoning

Federal Aviation Regulations, Part 63, Navigator Flight Test see flight test item 18. (no errors greater than 10%, average error no greater than 5%)

Weems  pages 172 & 173 gives the accuracy of dead reckoning as 5% of the distance traveled from
last fix.

Navigation and Nautical Astronomy, Dutton, 1934, (the official navigation training manual at the the U.S. Naval Academy) lists the factors affecting in flight dead reckoning.

Dutton, Page 363

Noonan's report on navigation, April 29, 1935

Noonan's newpaper article, March 22, 1936

The following Air Force manual  gives the accuracy of dead reckoning as 10% of the distance traveled from the last fix.

AFM 51-40 (1951)

Page 105

Page 150

Page 309

H. O. 216 (1967) recommends that navigators use a value of 20 nautical miles per hour plus 1 % of the distance traveled since the last fix as an estimate of the accuracy of dead reckoning. It states further that 50% of the time the error should be only one-third of that amount.

H.O. 216 (1967) Page 154

H.O. 216 (1967) Page 155

H. O. 216 (1967) Page 184

H. O. 216 (1967) Page 185