Amelia Earhart navigation facts plus Noonan's in-flight celestial navigation

This site is designed to provide  information about the disappearance of Fred Noonan and Amelia Earhart on July 2, 1937 to further research into this great mystery . This site has excerpts from standard flight navigation reference books to allow the serious researcher access to materials not otherwise easily available. This material is indexed both by source and by topic. There are also copies of flight navigation charts covering the route from Lae to Howland and on to Mili and Gardner (Nikumaroro.) There are also discussions about the celestial navigation methods and techniques being utilized by Amelia Earhart's navigator, Fred Noonan.

Panel discussion about Earhart at Chasing Earhart event, July 23, 2018  
You can watch me starting at the 41 minute mark, the 1:17 minute mark, 1:23, and at 1:51.

Podcast, interview with Gary LaPook about navigation of Earhart flight

Link to Chasing Earhart site, click on "the chase"

In addition to the materials pertaining to Noonan and 
Earhart, other materials that may interest navigators are available.