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Ryan is a great trainer who is genuinely interested in helping his clients live a better, happier, healthier life. I felt like Ryan really took my personal needs and lifestyle into consideration and incorporated them into my workout program to make it easy to follow yet very effective. He also showed me that I don't need to spend tonnes of money on gym memberships or fancy equipment to live a healthier lifestyle and that I could workout in the comfort of my own home! He was on time, professional, understanding and motivated me to achieve my goals!
 ~Kate Gorman~

I can't recommend Ryan Wilkie Personal Training strong enough.  I've had the pleasure of doing 6 sessions with Ryan and I have been loving the results.  The exercise plan he gave me is terrific and Ive seen serious results particularly in my abdominals and legs.  Ryan is very patient, down to earth and approachable and his expertise goes far beyond the workout room.  His Facebook and Twitter feeds are updated with interesting videos and articles from around the web focusing on nutrition and exercising tips.  I'm continually impressed with his passion for his profession.  He appears willing to be both a teacher AND a student of the game,  continually learning new things himself and passing along that info to his clients.  Highest recommendation.

~Jason Boies~

Ryan Wilkie is an awesome personal trainer, motivator and an overall good person. I have been with Ryan for a little over a month and I have already noticed a big difference in myself. I highly recommend Ryan to people who want to get in shape, lose weight, tone up or just have a healthy lifestyle.

~Becky Sappier~ 

Ryan is an excellent trainer. Very knowledgeable, motivating and helpful. Strongly recommended!

~Gregory Wood~

I must say I am very impressed with your skills as a trainer, indeed as a teacher. You explain exercises very clearly, you give analogies to help someone understand what you mean, and you have a wonderful gentle sense of humor that puts a person at ease. I will definitely be recommending your services to other friends I have who are interested in becoming more fit.

~Bill Randall~

Ryan has taught me a lot in the gym and as a person. He is a very down-to-earth trainer and he is with you every step of the way. I highly recommend him. The skills and techniques he incorporates in his training sessions become valuable skills outside the gym as well.

~Christina Taylor~
I was recently referred to Ryan Wilkie at Goodlife Gym to have as a personal trainer due to some lingering injuries.  I've been around gyms for a lot of years but I just really needed some encouragement.  I had major surgery two years ago, a bad knee and a sore wrist and even through all these aches and pains, Ryan found a way to work around them.  His patience was unbelievable and he was constantly looking for new things to try to help me keep trying to work HARD without getting hurt in any way.  If you are 20 and healthy, you'll find him strict, motivating and fun.  If you are a LONG WAY from 20, even better!  He can work you hard while firmly keeping your safety in mind.

Ryan has found a lifestyle that he himself believes in and he's happy to share his ideas.  He believes it's not just physical fitness that counts - it's emotional fitness and diet too.  He doesn't just question the frequency of your gym visits, he helps with your diet and the tendency to make bad food choices.  He even lectures kindly when you watch too much TV!  Ryan takes a holistic approach in his own life and he makes a happy and healthy role model.  After 5 months working out together, I must say he's absolutely terrific.  If you're looking for a way to get back on track, I don't hesitate one bit to recommend Ryan.  He's wonderful.

~Nancy Lusk~

Ryan...You've honestly been one of the best investments I've ever made. Not only did I learn a lot, feel better in every aspect of my life, but I've made a really good friend. Thank you dear for all that you've done for me and all you continue to do. Thank you. *hug*

~Cindy Woodworth~

As a health care professional, I've worked along side and co-managed patients/clients with many trainers over the years. I can tell you that Ryan Wilkie is an excellent Personal Trainer and on the top of my list. I have full trust in his ability to teach, listen, and, most of all, care about each of his clients. As MY personal trainer: he is helping me reach my full fitness potential and has been a great asset to my health care team. I've seen great improvements in my strength and functional abilities under his watch! Thanks Ryan!

~Dr. Jason Fortier, Chiropractor/Wellness Consultant~

I have been training with Ryan Wilkie since the High Quality Living video that we were in together a few weeks ago. Meeting with Ryan I felt instant comfort, he explained proper form and mobility exercises and has exceptional knowledge and patience. I never thought about getting a personal trainer before but when I started working with Ryan I knew that it was a great idea. Its great knowing that he is there for you through your process of staying healthy, staying fit and having fun.
He is an amazing motivator and coach. I'm looking forward to continuing working with him and getting stronger and healthier. Not only is he an awesome Personal Trainer but a great friend.

Thank you so much Ryan for your time and encouragement. If anyone can help me I know you can HIGH FIVE! Thanks Buddy!

~Vicki Stymiest~



I am a busy mom and wife with a full time job as a hair stylist.  I need both strength and endurance to fulfill my daily routine.  I started training with Ryan this past winter of 2013.  My goals were realistic starting this program; I wanted to learn to handle stress, to be strong and maintain my energy level.    Ryan was very easy to follow and learn from.

Ryan did these real cool stretching techniques with bands and a warm up stretch. Ryan taught me how to utilize my back muscles which has improved my posture.  These exercises will help prevent injury and promotes flexibility.  This training bought new challenges to my workout.

Ryan taught me zone exercises for relaxing and breathing technique.  This was very helpful!!!  Working hard has given me more energy and a better quality of life.  Personal training fits specific needs and takes out the guess work. 

Today I can bike, boat, walk, run or whatever I want for an activity.  Fitness is youth – I feel GREAT!   My “good life” is being more knowledgeable to my fitness needs.

~Janet Blaney~

Ryan has worked as my trainer over the past three years and has become a trusted advisor and true ally in my ongoing need for healthy living. He consistently seeks to improve his skills, broaden his knowledge, and find real, workable solutions for fitness challenges. Through my time at the club I have seen Ryan work with a variety of physical challenges, client concerns, and levels of health and wellness, all with the same smile, positive energy, and attention to detail that sets him apart. A true fitness professional in an age of those looking for a 'quick buck'.

~Matt White~

I highly recommend Ryan as a Personal Trainer and Fascial Stretch Therapist. At 72 years I have a few health problems which he was  concerned about. He set up a program for me and it worked out beautifully. In less than 3 weeks I noticed improvements. Thank you Ryan, it was a real pleasure working with you.

~Helen Jones~