Fascial Stretch Therapy (FST)

Stretch To Win
- Fascial Stretch Therapy (FST)
is a complete, full body approach using innovative techniques of assisted stretching protocols to improve strength, coordination, balance, agility, mobility and of course flexibility. It is a non-aggressive, pain free method of treatment similar to massage. It's
used dynamically to prepare a client for activities like sports and weight training or to cool them down after exercise to speed up recovery and reduce soreness. It can be used to reduce or eliminate pain caused by over-training, scar tissue, injury, improper muscle activation and connective tissue restrictions. FST can be used as a complementary training method or as therapy, individualized for the client. It is appropriate for athletes and active or sedentary people of all ages. This system also has the potential to be helpful for other health challenges including chronic pain!

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  Before and after pics of one stretching session

 "Had one last Fascial Stretch Therapy session today with Ryan Wilkie before my comp this weekend. Can't stress how much he has helped with my flexibility and range of motion, which has had a huge impact on my gym performance and posing ability! Foam rolling, massages, accuball work... nothing has compared to FST!"
- Lucas Reid, 2013 NBPFA Overall Physique Winner  (picture above)

Before picture shows restricted range of motion a few months after suffering a left broken collar bone injury. After picture is after a 10 minute FST treatment (picture above)

- Lisa Belliard

I had been having pain in my left shoulder for almost two years...Before I went to see you, my left shoulder ached most of the time. Massage gave me short lived relief, but never lasted for long. After one Fascial Stretch Therapy session with you I have experienced almost total improvement. Rarely do I have pain in my shoulder now."

- Judy McInroy

“The most amazing experience you’ll ever experience. Never felt better than I did after that stretch.”

- Symone Jennings

“I feel like I am lighter and more flexible.”

- Annissa Martin

“After a short time I felt totally relaxed in my shoulders that I have tightness and tension in for years. I feel lighter in my upper body, what a fantastic feeling. Many thanks Ryan, I feel great.”

- Emma Lee

“My lower back feels amazing and very loose. I suffer every morning with stiffness for a couple of hours. I can’t wait to see how I feel in the morning. I will definitely be back!”

- Lisa MacIntosh


“With half my back tighter than the other for the last few years Ryan pinpointed what I need to do to make it better! After just 30 minutes I felt 10 times better!”

- Dexter Barry

“I feel like skipping down the hallway!”

- Jennifer Cornford