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Newsletter archive

In years past the Frederick County Forest Conservancy District Board periodically published a printed newsletter to mail to interested readers. With the availability of this FCFB Web site the board members voted on whether to continue with mailing a printed newsletter. The decision to discontinue a newsletter prevailed.
A few past issues of the Newsletter are available in Adobe PDF format. Use the Adobe Acrobat Reader to view the past Newsletters listed below.

Volume 33 May 2007 (PDF, 8 pages)

John Ballard Blake
My Memories of John Blake
Invasive Species – Ailanthus Altissima
Gypsy Moth Update
Frederick County Forests
2006 Forester of the Year Mike Kay
Christmas Trees
The Saga of a Beginner

Volume 32 October 2006 (PDF, 8 pages)

Forestry Board Member Dies at 73
Natural Resources Careers Conference July 23-29, 2006. Frederick County’s Participant Hannah Eccard
John Blake 1922-2006
Calendar of Events
Frederick County Board Members
Carroll Creek Buffer In Waterford Park, Frederick City
Invasive Species
Invasive species harms hardwoods by killing soil fungus
Forestry 101 - What you Need to Know About Forestry

Thanks to the efforts of our Newletter Editor, Jim Arnold, several older Newsletters have been  located in print form and then scanned to create the PDF files shown below.


            Newsletter No. 6  October 1992 (PDF, 6 pages)

            Newsletter No. 10  October 1993 (PDF, 6 pages)

            Newsletter No. 15  January1995 (PDF, 6 pages)

            Newsletter No. 19  December 1996 (PDF, 6 pages)
            Newsletter No. 26  March 2002 (PDF, 6 pages)
             Newsletter No. 28  March 2003 (PDF, 4 pages)