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Education programs

The Frederick County Forestry Board (FCFB) periodically offers education programs. This page contains information on past FCFB offerings as well as current and up-coming programs from the FCFB as well as other groups in our area that are interested in forestry concerns.

In 2006 and 2007 FCFB offered a series of lectures and field demonstrations for individuals wanting to become familiar with forestry practices and issues. The series extended from November 2006 to June of 2007 and was entitled Forestry 101 . The topics addressed included:

  • Management Practices
  • Commercial & Noncommercial Forestry
  • Insects & Diseases
  • Forestry Incentive Programs
  • Alternative Income Opportunities
  • Reforestation, Riparian Forest Buffers
  • Invasive Weed Species Control
  • The Role of Fire in Forestry Management
  • Forest Management from the Wildlife Perspective & Forest Ecology

The Maryland Woodland Stewards program

The Maryland Woodland Stewards Project (formerly the Coverts Project) is an educational program of University of Maryland Extension.  It teaches forest and wildlife management practices and leadership skills to a select group of people each year.  In return, participants apply these principles to property they own or manage, and actively encourage others to practice good forest stewardship using the principle of “Neighbor Helping Neighbor.”  The Maryland Woodland Stewards program teaches enthusiastic individuals how to be good stewards of natural land, and good advocates for forest and wildlife stewardship in their community.

The next workshop is scheduled for April 28- May 1, 2016. For more information, please contact Lyle Almond (at (link sends e-mail) or 410-827-8056 ext. 125).

Visit Maryland Woodland Stewards for more inform about the following aspects of this program including application materials: 
  • How much does the program cost? 
  • What do participants learn?
  • What is expected of participants?
  • How are Maryland Woodland Stewards selected?

Natural Resouces Career Camp in the News 
Frederick News-Post article by Karen Gardner 3/18/17

"High school students with an interest in forestry, fisheries, wildlife or parks management are invited to join other teens at the Natural Resources Careers Camp, July 23 to 29 at Hickory Environmental Education Center in Garrett County."

Read the entire FNP article.

Natural Resources Careers Camp (NRCC) 2016

2016 NRCC participants
Participants of NRCC 2016 (photo by Claude Eans) 

High school students: are you, or someone you know considering a career working outdoors in a natural resources occupation? If so, you should consider applying for Natural Resources Careers Camp. This week long program is held at Camp Hickory near Accident, MD in Garrett County.  The purpose of the camp is to provide real world experience to students interested in a wide variety of Natural Resource careers including Forestry, Wildlife Management, Fisheries, Forest Ecology, Parks and Recreation, Soil and Water Conservation, Tree Care and Urban Forestry, among others.  Throughout the week students receive hands on training in a wide assortment of these disciplines while they prepare a forestry plan for a given tract of land.  At the end of the week the students deliver an overview of their plans at an open forum.  There is also a College Night during the week where representatives from several Universities and Colleges offering Natural Resources curricula meet with the students to showcase their institutions.  All in all this is a very good learning experience for high school students who are considering a career in the Natural Resources.  The Natural Resources Careers Camp is held every year at the end of July.

This year the camp celebrated its 40th year of operation. Recently, 5 students from Frederick County attended Camp Hickory along with 3 members of the Frederick County Forestry Board.  The following narratives detail some of their experiences at camp:

The Natural Resources Careers Camp in Accident, MD helped me to understand the vastness of the Department of Natural Resources, and the wide array of jobs they offer. We learned something new every day, and the camp definitely provided me a much stronger sense of the specific career path I want to take in the future. Activities such as fish-shocking and tree identification helped me grasp the topics even more, although I definitely wish we had done more hands on activities throughout the week. We were busy with classroom activities, field exercises, field trips, and some well - deserved free time beginning our day at 7:00 am until lights out at 10:00 pm. We enjoyed some recreational activities during our free time.. Despite the lectures this learning experience still gave me the info I needed. Looking back, I would still choose to go back to camp simply because you gain an incredible amount of knowledge about outdoor career paths.  Jack Stohlman, Jefferson        

My week at the NRCC Camp was so much fun. I learned so much about natural resources. I couldn’t be more thankful that I got this experience. I met amazing people from all over the state and learned a lot about the trees and wildlife in Maryland. I had little interest in natural resources but this week I have a lot more interest and hope to pursue a career in natural resources. I enrolled myself in the college class intro to forestry this week and took the challenge on studying the material and completing an exam. I am glad that I took the opportunity. During the week we collected our own data and created management plans for a landowner and scenario and we created PowerPoints to have parents come watch us present at the end of the week. I couldn’t be more excited to pursue an education and career in natural resource. The Natural Resources careers camp is such an amazing opportunity and so much fun!  Madison Feltner, Thurmont

My experience at the Natural Resources Careers Camp was one of great fun, enthusiasm, and education. It was definitely an eye-opener to the different careers that are available to me in the field of Natural Resources. I had the privilege of being in a group with wonderful teenagers who all worked well together as well as an outstanding counselor who was very knowledgeable about the topics that were being discussed during the lectures.

It was unfortunate that we were unable to climb trees on Friday due to the rain, but we still were able to plant some trees and I thoroughly enjoyed that. I never learned the proper way to plant a tree, but now I know how and am confident that I can do it on my own the right way. 

Touring the saw mill was also a highlight for me because it was something I have never experienced before and it was engaging to see how just one huge log goes through the process in which the end result is a few perfect boards ready to be shipped.

I also have to say that although putting together the management plan and presenting it through a power point wasn’t my favorite activity, it was a great project to work on. Many of the lectures that I sat through made more sense, because I had to apply that information in putting together the management plan with my group.

Apart from the education, recreation time was a plus. It was exciting to play a basketball game on the court or soccer out on the field. This allowed time to get to know the other teenagers in the camp and find out what type of career they are planning to go in.

My one slight disappointment was not learning anything about plants. I certainly became a little better at identifying some trees, but I would have liked to have learned more about plant species – how to identify them, what medicinal purposes they might be used for, or as a food source.

No specific career stuck out at me that I might want to pursue that was different from my original one, which is to work with wildlife and learn about plant species. However, this camp was still a help in identifying what career I may not want to pursue.

Overall, my week was exciting and I enjoyed making new friends and being educated about the world of outdoors. I would highly recommend a teenager who is interested in a natural resources career to come to this camp.  Grace Muller, Wolfsville

 My week at the NRCC camp was busy, fun, and somewhat boring. I learned a lot and also made some new friends. The main topic that was focused on during the camp was forestry. I don't have anything against forestry but most of the topics were boring. There was too much classroom work and not enough hands-on work.  I wasn't as interested in forestry as I was for something like careers in wildlife management, fisheries, or stream ecology. This was disappointing because coming to the camp I thought we would be introduced to a different career path each day.

The best part about my week was when the instructors gave us some extra time to do anything we wanted and we all played soccer. That had to be the best soccer game I've ever played. It was so much fun!  An improvement to the camp would be to give the kids relax and play time at the end of the day, rather than having class until 10 at night.  The night we played soccer was the best night for me and most of the other kids. And I don’t even like soccer.

Thank you for the opportunity, Spencer Becker

Natural Resources Careers Camp in the past

Every year the members of the Education Committee of the Maryland Association of Forestry Boards start the task of planning,  organizing, recruiting, and fund raising for the Natural Resources Careers Conference (NRCC).  It is an arduous task that involves the  24 Maryland Forestry Boards and that takes over half the year culminating in a successful program held the last full week in July at the Hickory Environmental Education Center in Garrett County, Maryland.  Why do a bunch of volunteers endure this difficult effort year after year?

The answer is simple and straightforward. Year after year, the high school students who attend the conference tell us it is a great experience.  And some of those kids, inspired by a conference speaker, counselor, educator, or experience, decide to continue on in a natural resources career. Occasionally we have younger siblings participate in NRCC because  the parents remember us from previous years. 

Join high school students from across Maryland at this week-long camp in Garrett County to explore careers and college studies in natural resources.

Natural Resources Career Camp —NRCC Sunday, July 20 – Saturday, July 26, 2014 At the Hickory Environmental Education Center in Garrett County, Maryland  

Join high schools students from across the Mid-Atlantic at this fun week-long camp to explore careers and college studies in natural resources.  NRCC is a perfect experience for students interested in a career in the fields of forestry, arboriculture, wildlife, ecology and natural  resources management.  The Program Director is an Allegany College Professor in Forestry.  

Field activities include GIS boundary data collection, climbing trees with arborist equipment, conducting a stream survey exercise and touring a sawmill.  

Throughout the week students work in teams.  Each team creates and presents  a forest management plan.  

At Career Night, natural resource professionals— forestry, wildlife,  urban forestry, fire control, fisheries, bear management, and more— share their job experiences.  Meet representatives from the University of Maryland, Penn State, West Virginia University, Allegany College of Mary- land, Frostburg University and Garrett Community College.  

Students have the option (fee required) to earn 2 college credits for successful completion of the week of studies and projects. 

 To learn more and apply visit the Natural Resources Careers Conference  Web page. 

2012 Natural Resources Careers Conference

Participants of the 2012 NRCC
 Group photo of the 2012 NRCC participants (photo from John Dingedahl)

 Aaron  identifying trees
Aaron with his Allegany College of Maryland counselor and team members identifying trees 

 To view photos of the activities from a past careers conference download the following Power Point slide show.