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Former Board Members

John Blake

Board member 1991-2007

In 1991, Frederick County Forestry Board member Larry Sharpe, a good friend and neighbor of the Blakes, invited John to attend a Board meeting. That invitation was the beginning of 15 dedicated years serving Frederick County in the pursuit of the Board’s primary mission: to promote the stewardship, conservation, and sustainable use of the county’s forest resources, through education and advocacy of sound forest management principles. The Blakes were currently living and practicing this mission at Hornet Hill, and in 1992 became the recipients of the Maryland Forest Association (MFA) award of Maryland Tree Farmers of the Year.

Virginia (Ginny) Brace

Board member until 2008

Ginny Brace is a Master Naturalist. She received the awarded for outstanding service and dedication as a Board member over the many years before retiring from the board in 2016.  Ginny loves nature and wanted everyone to love it as much as she does.  She started writing nature notes in 2008, a practices that still continues with over 500 written. 

Robert (Bob) Marmet

Board member 1992-95

Mr. Robert Marmet owned an 80 acre farm near Urbana Maryland, had a Stewardship Plan and was in the Tree Farm program. Bob joined the Forestry Board in 1992 when the Board had a big push to increase membership. Bob came on board soon after the Forestry Board was tasked with inspecting logging site plans in Resource Conservation Areas. As a lawyer Bob was a very helpful in determining how the Board would conduct inspections and notify landowners and authorities. Bob was also very interested in and participated in the various legislative matters the Board was involved in. It was always very interesting to listen to the discussions Bob, John Blake, Ruth Spurrier, Darrell McCartney, Larry Sharpe and Ben Smart would have regarding legislative and other Forestry Board matters.

Lynne Marquess

Board member 1998 - 2012

Presentation to Lynne Marquess at NRCC 2012

  1. Served as chair from 2008 – 2010.

  2. Member of the Education Committee and has been volunteering at NRCC for nearly 10 years.

  3. Helped design and instruct a number of educational programs such as Project Learning Tree, NRCC, Forestry 101, Forestry Lecture Series, Public Tree Plantings, Arbor Day programs.

  4. Played a major role in the Big Tree Program following the Forest Service departure.

  5. Helped put together memorial services for John Blake, Darrell McCartney, and Larry Sharpe.

  6. Attended most State Association meetings throughout her tenure on the Board.

  7. Participated in many public tree plantings.

  8. Participated in many logging site reviews.

  9. Participated in Neighborhood Green workshops.

Lynne was a member of the Board and has achieved many notable accomplishments, especially in the realm of public education in which she excelled.  This is particularly noteworthy with the NRCC program which she has participated in throughout much of her service. Lynne served as part of the Education Committee and no doubt contributed to the development of this program. In addition, she also worked tirelessly to recruit potential applicants for camp.  Finally Lynne spends the week at camp helping out wherever she can.

Lynne rarely missed meetings and tried to help with most activities we conducted oftentimes arriving early and staying late to set up or help with the registration desk. Many of the tasks Lynne undertook were not glamorous but were necessary for the smooth running of the event.  Lynne is a very effective public speaker although she would say that she is nervous in this function. You could always depend on her doing a fine job.

Lynne is just a very pleasant and engaging person to be around you could always tell when she entered the room because the energy level would be ratcheted up by her presence. I think I speak for all the membership thanking Lynne for her contributions and expressing my gratitude for everything Lynne has done for me, forestry and Frederick County.

Darrell McCartney

Board member until 2006

Darrell was big in outdoor education and believed in the benefits trees provide. "I don't know an exact number but he probably planted 20,000 trees over his lifetime" Mike Kay said.

Mr. McCartney was a founding member of the Monocacy Catoctin Watershed Alliance, an organization whose goal is to protect the two waterways, the groundwater and the tributaries that feed them.

He organized three-day training sessions for teachers on environmental education and helped organize Project Learning Tree to teach schoolchildren about the importance of trees to the environment. He also helped the forestry board organize workshops for adults on forestry education.

Darrell was still on the Board when he passed away at age 73 in 2006

Tony Murdock

Board member 1992-93

Tony Murdock is a Professional Arborist working in Frederick County.  When Tony joined the Board in 1992 he was the Town Arborist for Montgomery Village. Soon there afterward Tony started his own business and a family and these commitments necessitated that he step down in 1993. In his time with the Board Tony, along with Sharon Ross helped the Board embrace Arboriculture and Urban Forestry as other worthy forestry pursuits.  Tony was also very active in tree planting activities.

Larry Noel

Board member 1992-97

Larry Noel had a woodlot up on College Mountain near Mt. St. Mary’s College. Larry’s interest in the Ski College Mountain dispute motivated him to start attending meetings in 1991 and he became a member in 1992. Larry Noel seemed to like hiking in the woods and he was a regular for the timber harvest reviews we conducted. Larry also like to plant trees and helped with numerous public tree plantings. Larry would commute to meetings with Larry Wintermyer who also lived near Emmitsburg. The Newhart Show was a popular TV show back then with the Brothers Larry, Darrell and Darrell. On our Board we had Darrell, Larry and Larry. Often times these gentlemen would sit together at meetings.

Tyson Rose

Board Member 2008-18

As Webmaster Tyson Rose created and maintains the original Board's Web site ever since he joined the board in 2008. He has completed the Maryland Department of Natural Resources (DNR) Coverts Project training, the Forestry 101 course, the DNR sponsored Forestry GPS training, and attended Maryland State Forestry Board meetings. Now retired from IBM he lives at the base of Sugarloaf Mountain on property enrolled in the Forest Sewardship Program. He received a B.A. from Gettysburg College and a Ph.D. from Lehigh University. Tyson received the 2017 MEL from the Maryland Association of Forest Conservation District Boards for volunteering years of service as an active forestry board member. 

Sharon Ross

Board member 1992-95

Sharon Ross was a Forester for Potomac Edison and served on the Frederick Board from 1992 until she was transferred in 1995.  As an Urban Forester, Sharon brought a new prospective to the Board focusing on arboriculture, proper tree planting around powerlines or right of ways, and energy savings from landscape plantings around the home.  Sharon was instrumental in developing an Urban Forestry workshop and Proper Tree Placement workshop that the Board conducted. Along the way Sharon drafted some articles for the Frederick Forestry Board newsletter.  Sharon was also very eager to assist in public tree plantings. Working with Potomac Edison Sharon helped develop a small tree management program under powerlines whereby smaller growing species were encouraged by removing large growing trees and retaining species like redbud, crabapple, dogwood, and spicebush.

Ben Smart

Board member 1992-1997

Ben Smart was the Manager of Stronghold Inc. at Sugarloaf Mountain. In that capacity, Ben was responsible for the management of the grounds and facilities on this 3,600 acre property in Southern Frederick County.  Ben was instrumental in developing the Forestry Demonstration Area at Stronghold in 1990; and, this area is still in use 28 years later.  As a Forestry Board member Ben seemed to gravitate to outdoor education activities and he helped develop and assist with a number of education events including numerous tours of the Forestry Demonstration Area. Ben was very active in Project Learning Tree which was an educational program the Board embraced in the early 1990’s.  Ben was also a regular at logging site inspections. At our business meetings Ben was always ready, willing, and able to join in on various discussions. I believe Ben once described himself as a Contrarian so he oftentimes took a contrarian view of various matters.  It was very entertaining to be present during some of the discussions board members had.  Ben, John Blake, Larry Sharpe, Ruth Spurrier, and Darrell McCartney always kept the meetings lively.  During some of these longer discussions, sometimes I had to interject to mention that there are still multiple items on the agenda to discuss.  Ben stayed with the Board until he left his position at Stronghold.

Ruth Spurrier

Board member 1983-2000

Ruth Spurrier ran a family farm in Johnsville with her husband Paul and children.  Mrs. Spurrier was active in 4-H, the Farm Bureau, the Dairy Cattle Association, and the Extension Department serving as a volunteer member for all of these organizations.  She served as the Chair of the Board from 1986 – 1990.  Besides her leadership role on the Board Mrs. Spurrier interests lies in the farming community, outdoor education, landowner rights, land use planning, and the Tree Farm program.  Ruth helped develop a series of forestry related classes for the 4-H summer camp program. She helped put together and staff a Forestry Board exhibit at the FSK Mall for Ag-Week, and she was very active in reviewing the 1990 Frederick County Comprehensive Planning report especially as it pertained to allowable activities in Resource Conservation zones.  Mrs. Spurrier was a very active member and always leading the Board to get involved in educational and land use planning activities.

Steve Thrasher

Board member 2011-18

Owned & manage a farm in Frederick County. Member of Frederick County Farm Bureau & a participant in CREP program. Enjoy outdoors, machinery & woodworking. Steve received the 2015 MEL award (see below) from the Maryland Association of Forest Conservation District Boards for volunteering years of service as an active forestry board member. 

Steve Thrasher and his Mel award 
(photos by Jim Arnold) 

Steve during an event where he demostrated his portable sawmill.


Click on the picture to see in high resolution

Sadly Steve passed away on June 1, 2018.  His humor and friendship will be missed at the board meetings. 

Larry Wintermyer

Board member 1992-2002

Larry Wintermyer served on the Frederick County Forestry Board from 1992 until he moved out of state for a new job in 2002.  Larry worked in the timber harvesting profession as a logger and the foreman of a logging company. Larry joined the Board right when the Ski College Mountain incident was transpiring and the Forestry Board was tasked with conducting logging plan reviews.  As a professional logger Larry lent invaluable assistance when we were developing our program. Likewise Larry assisted with many logging site reviews. Larry also assisted with tree plantings and various workshops and other outreach programs. Larry was part of the Larry, Darrell, Larry triumvirate.