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Catoctin Creek Land Preservation

The goal of the Catoctin Creek Land Preservation program is to establish 12,000 – 15,000 acres of easements on farms and forestland.  Mrs. Barry Salisbury has been working with the Maryland Environmental Trust(MET) in this endeavor. One of the goals of this initiative is to preserve the rural nature and economy of the Middletown Valley.  Another goal is to maintian a number of special attributes including large blocks of forest, very productive farmland, endangered plants and animals, numerous recreational features i.e.( AT, Parkland, bike trails, etc.,)  Civil War History, Native American history etc.

Barry is a longtime resident of the Middletown Valley; and, the Salisbury family own a farm and some woodlots in this region which have Stewardship Plans and they have reforested riparian zones utilizing the CREP program. Many of these properties have conservation easements placed on them as well.  The MET has designated the Catoctin Watershed as one of their Signature Landscapes for all these reasons.  

The Community Foundation of Frederick County created a fund to purchase farms and forestland for the purpose of developing an easement on these properties then reselling the property with the easement in place. The Foundation in now searching out donors to fund this program.  

Catoctin Forest Alliance

Home to not one, but two incredible parks: Catoctin Mountain Park (NPS) and Cunningham Falls State Park, Catoctin Mountain Forest is a vast landscape comprised of more than 11,000 acres of winding trails, hardwood trees, and a diverse array of historic structures and resources that reflect the early fabric of our country. In 2009, a dedicated group of volunteers came together in hopes of protecting this important cultural and recreational landmark. Now known as the Catoctin Forest Alliance (CFA), these volunteers have worked hard to achieve their mission of "preserving and promoting the health of the Catoctin Mountain forest for the benefit and enjoyment of present and future generations."

Frederick Bird Club

Enjoy bird walks and looking for more? Check out the website for local walks and field trips. Meetings and walks are open to the public.

Maryland Department of Natural Resources
MD DNR's website

In a sustainable Maryland, we recognize that the health of our society and our economy are dependent on the health of our environment. Therefore, we choose to act both collectively and individually to preserve, protect, restore, and enhance our environment for this and future generations. 

Forest Service

The Forest Service restores, manages, and protects Maryland’s trees, forests, and forested ecosystems to sustain our natural resources and connect people to the land.

Forest Conservancy District Boards

Commonly referred to as Forestry Boards, the Forest Conservancy District Boards function in all jurisdictions— 23 Maryland Counties and Baltimore City. The 24 boards are joined in a State Association of Forest Conservancy District Boards. The Maryland Association provides a means of communication and exchange of ideas among the local boards and acts as a channel to its parent agency, the Maryland Department of Natural Resources-Forest Service. 

Licensed Tree Experts

The state of Mayland Department of Natural Resources maintains a list of registered licensed tree expert.  When looking for a tree service you should look on this site for ones in your area. 

Maryland Forest Association
Maryland Forest Association Website

Maryland Forests Association, Inc. (MFA), is Maryland's voice for forest, wildlife, and natural resource management. The MFA website is a tool to learn about Maryland's issues concerning forest resources, forest land ownership, forest management, and forest products industry. Click on the logo to go to MFA website.

Monocacy and Catoctin Watershed Alliance

The Monocacy & Catoctin Watershed Alliance coordinates the efforts of a diverse group of stakeholders dedicated to the protection and restoration of the natural resources in the Monocacy & Catoctin Watersheds.

National Conservation Foundation


North American Competition 2017

Maryland hosted the 2017  Envirothon competition this week. Over 300 student competitors from forty-eight States and seven Canadian Provinces participated. Only the states of Hawaii and Alaska were not represented.  In addition, there were two teams from China.teams  from China.

Housing for the participants was at Mount St. Mary’s University campus in Emmitsburg. 

The young people were treated to a week of instruction, competition, and sightseeing.  The competition was over a variety of topics: Aquatics, Forestry, Soils, Wildlife, a current environmental issue-Soil and Water Conservation Stewardship, and a team oral presentation.  

On the 24th and 25th Frederick County Forest Conservancy District Board members participated in Forestry techniques training and testing at two Frederick County rural locations. 

Participants of the North American Competition 2017

Teams were rotated through all the venues and a tight time schedule was adhered to. The movement of people was constant throughout.

Monday the 24th was spent demonstrating pacing to determine each individual’s number of steps to measure  a basic forestry unit of measurement, a chain, 66 feet. The teams  were shown tree measurement and lumber estimation using tapes, wedge prism, Biltmore stick and tables.  Tree identification techniques were shown by a team of DNR Foresters.  At the end of each session a period was provided for questions  and answers.  The day was hot and humid.  The beautiful Forestry venue was in woodland  adjacent to a working orchard. 

On Tuesday the 25th each of the teams was tested on the forestry topics demonstrated the previous day. The day was delightful with cooler temperatures, a breeze and sunshine. The testing took place in woodlands on beautiful farm property. 

At the end of the scoring, the Pennsylvania team came out on top followed by New York and New Mexico. Maryland ranked number ten 

The National Conservation Foundation, sponsors and all participants are to be commended for this event.

Details of the entire week can be found at

Board supports the 2017 North American Envirothon

The Frederick County Forest Conservancy District Board has long supported funding for community organizations such as the Maryland Association of Soil Conservation Districts participation in the 2017 North American Envirothon. Members of the Board are assisting with a training session and helping proctor the competition.

The letter of appreciation for the $500 funding that came to the Frederick County Forestry Board is shown below. The letter also mentions the purpose of the Envirothon. 

Potomac Basin Reporter

The mission of ICPRB is to protect and enhance the waters and related resources of the Potomac River basin through science, regional cooperation, and education. Considered the “Nation’s River,” for more than six million basin residents, the river plays an important role in the lives of all. Through regional cooperation and partnerships, ICPRB is protecting the river and improving the quality of life in the watershed. Click on the logo to go to the website.

Stream-Link Education

Stream-Link Education is a non-profit organization who’s mission is to connect community to conservation by organizing volunteer tree planting experiences to promote environmental awareness. With the help from volunteers, we plant native trees and shrubs within the area known as the riparian zone, the land that extends from the banks of a stream, to improve water quality.  Click on the logo to go to the website.

Stream-Link Education was chosen by the Frederick County Office of Sustainability winner of the 2018 Organizational Sustainability Awards. 

You can watch the following video from one of theit 2017 planting at Waterside in Frederick.