Freddy and Jason

December 19, 2011

Thank you everyone for sharing your comments.  I have many more pictures and videos collected during their short time with us.  Please check out their YouTube playlist if interested in seeing a bit more.  We hope that this site is helping others in identifying and coping with FIP.

January 31, 2011

Its been long, but not long enough since our handsome kittens have gone on.  Everyone has different ways of dealing with loss.  Some people cry, some get angry and others fight their urge to let emotions come out. There is no right way to deal with emotions, but I believe its important to meet in the middle.  When someone loses a loved one, whether its a goldfish, pet cat or their spouse, we must be strong for each other.  Many times, those of us who are emotional, try our hardest to suppress emotions and avoid any situation that would release them.  Its still so difficult  to see old pictures, watch videos or even think about Freddy and Jason, even if focusing on the better days.  I am still glad that I put my heart into these two, but regret detaching myself during the end. Even if something sad is approaching, don't fight your emotions.  Releasing them is natural.  I hope you guys aren't playing rough up there! Love, Dad =)

October 11, 2010

Jason's usual talkative playful demeanor began to diminish in the past few weeks.  We rejected the idea that it was FIP after seeing him improve weeks after Freddy left. In the back of our minds, we knew what to expect.

 Although he seemed happy, his body was deteriorating. The curious cat that begged for food and never stopped meowing was no longer eating, drinking or speaking. After fighting as much as he could, it was time to see his brother again. I don't know why this had to happen to such intelligent, affectionate and pampered kittens. We just tell ourselves that everything happens for a reason. We just wish we knew why and hope one day FIP will be abolished.

We love you and thank you for the joy you gave to everyone around you.  We know you are with Freddy now. We miss you both but are happy you are together.
Jason 08/29/09 - 10/11/10
Freddy 8/29/09 - 8/4/10  


August 9, 2010 

Jason has been walking around for the past few days meowing at corners and hiding spots. Hes been randomly running into rooms searching. His actions are so sad its been hard to watch. ason doesn't seem to understand where we took his brother or where we are hiding him. We've been trying everything possible to distract him, but it's impossible. His best friend, his brother, is gone. 

We wish we had someone to blame.  The feelings of anger and sadness mixed together have become exhausting. J

August 5, 2010

Its hard to avoid looking through pictures and memories. We find ourselves frantically looking for anything and everything that reminds us of him. Some pictures helped us think of the good times with Freddy. Others made us wonder if this was part of his fate. Freddy our angel.

August 4, 2010
 Freddy spent the night hiding under the bed opening and closing his eyes slowly as if he wanted to sleep, but couldn't.  Around 7am he came out for a few treats, then went back under the bed. When people say "you'll know when its time" - its true. 
We never thought it would happen so fast. Freddy, the happy, talkative, friendly intelligent kitty has left us. We will never forget how amazing, receptive and human-like a cat can be. We love Freddy dearly and will always remember his prancing, child like meows and enthusiastic reactions to a rough tummy rub.
Freddy 8/29/09 - 8/4/10  

August 02, 2010
Well its been almost a month since we got the bad news. It seems like bad news comes in pairs.
First I'll get to the good news. Freddy has been doing really well considering whats next. He has been talkative and extremely affectionate (which can make things much more difficult). We have been spoiling him by feeding him anything he wants. He had fluids drained from him one last time and has been on steroids since.
Jason has been acting less energetic than usual in the past week. You can imagine how concerned we became. Their vet would like some more diagnostic testing (ultrasound etc) but the blood test results are heavily pointing toward FIP (see link on right). The nightmare doesn't end there. Freddy and Jasons good friend/cousin, Joey, is showing similar signs. They have shared a litter box together for up to two weeks and on more than one period of time.
We pictured having these two joyful and social cats for many many years.  Now we are not sure it will last more than a few weeks. 
If it is time, then at least they will be together.

July 8, 2010
We've had a heat wave in NYC for the past few days. Freddy, one of our two ocicats (10 mo old) was breathing the slightest bit heavy but we didn't think much of it. He is the type of cat that rolls around in front of you hoping for a belly scratch, then starts playfully  meowing convinced that we understand him. When he started acting less playful and breathing wheezy, we brought him to the vet. 

    That day little Freddy had x-rays, blood test, urine analysis and eventually 200cc of  fluid removed from his chest and abdomen. The vet provided us with antibiotics and told us  that he will be running tests to determine if FIP is likely. He warned us that there was a  very good chance based on Freddy's symptoms and fluid color. He also mentioned that Freddy  may be acting much better and seem completely healthy by the time he got home (due to fluid removal).  Sure enough, he was running around, playing with his brother, eating well and using the litter box as normal... we were convinced that he was going to be okay.

    Dr. Dan called an hour ago to give us the bad news. He mentioned that once the fluid builds up again or Freddy stops eating, we will have one of two options. 1. Drain fluid and administer steroids.  2.Discuss options for the inevitable. 

    The whole time I was speaking to Dr. Dan, Freddy was staring right at me like he knew I was getting serious news from the doctor. Wide eyes and alert- direct eye contact.

    The next step was what most of us on here have done, I googled everything I could imagine.  While I search, Freddy is being cleaned thoroughly by his brother Jason as they lay in bed. A sign of love from a sibling that knows whats next.

    How does someone decide to fight or leave in peace.  I've read so many stories about deteriorating cats and their suffering during never ending treatments all to succumb to the same painful outcome.

    Who are we to blame?? Indoor cats in a stress free lifestyle with healthy food and living conditions... I guess the breeder?? or their vet?? FIP is a horrible disease with so many mixed opinions.  The one bit of information that seems succinct: FIP can be easily killed on surfaces with disinfectants..... 

    As Freddy's parents we are very sad and our hearts go out for all who have or had the same experience.