Links for quantitative ecology

I wrote this list in 2014 and although most of this stuff is still useful, it's missing Git, RMarkdown, and overleaf among other things.  For computational work, check out the Guide to Reproducible Code in Ecology and Evolution from the BES.

Writing & plotting

Favourite document processor

Latex styles for biology journals

Plots in R or Matlab are great - check also GnuPlot, for large datasets
Matlab users in ecology

You'll love D. Hiebeler's Matlab / R translation

Programming & modelling: introductory material in R

A primer of ecology with R, by H. Stevens. With a focus on population and community dynamics
(end chapters are pretty advanced).

How to be a quantitative ecologist by J. Matthiopoulos. With lots of reminders for those who forgot math.

The Analysis of Biological Data, by Whitlock and Schluter. Good intro statistical textbook for general biology. Use R, data and code included.

Ecological models and data in R, by B. Bolker - very useful for ecological statistics

That's a really small and partial list -- for French readers with a statistical bent, check this out

Technical questions

Getting a grip on Ubuntu

Cross-validated: THE statistical forum

For all math-related questions

Mathoverflow (for questions of mathematical interest only)

C / C++ programming

I used this tutorial to learn

Linked lists and the likes

GNU Scientific library

Memory checking: Valgrind will find your faulty pointers