A Dacosta Brathway

An Interview with

襘;A. Dacosta Brathway,
author of "Unheard Words."

Contact:  email:   satiric_al@yahoo.com


Why do you write poetry?

A. Dacosta Brathway: Why not? No, I like poetry and I have a unique way of expressing my thoughts with it. I got challenged when Dean Smith read my first attempt and discredited my ability. Dorothy Smith, my Comp/Lit professor, not Dean Smith, the H of F basketball coach. Bowie State. Not to be confused w/ Boise State.

Do you remember writing your first poem? Was it a class assignment or an inspiration? or both?

ADB: Yes. It was for her. The very next poem I wrote, that I let anyone see, won a poetry award at BSU.

That was your first poem? In college?

ADB: Yes, that I let anybody see.

What were the poems that you never let anyone see like?

ADB: The only other poem I can remember I wrote that someone else saw was in Creative Writing class and it was a Haiku.

Did you have a talent for writing in your earlier grades?

ADB: There wasn't any. I never practiced writing poetry back then. The ones I wrote came to me and I wrote them down. The Haiku is in the book... Yes and no. I could always write. That was my strong suit. Essays and short stories but not poetry.

I didn't think I was good at writing but my teachers saw something. They encouraged me to keep at it. But I did not even think about it. It wasn't like I said to myself, "I want to be a writer when I get older!"

So you were an athlete too. did you "share" your writing talents with your athletic friends?

ADB: Yes... I played basketball for survival reasons only. No I did not share my writing with anyone. Especially my sports friends. Back then I was more of an orator. I could tell stories better to them for survival purposes.

So do you write in other forms?

ADB: Yes. Short stories, journals, blogs.

Tell us about your blog. Miscellaneous Turds. Where did the name come from?T

ADB: It started in college when I was looking for a phrase that would help to describe me as satirical. The blog is named MT to help distinguish my train of thought. I wanted to name my blog “Miscellaneous. Shit” but I thought that would be too crass. MT is about my POV. It's how I see the world and what transpires in it.

What inspires the poems and the other writings?

ADB: That's just it. I don't know specifically. It could be a dream or something I saw that I really paid no particular attention to in that moment. It hits me and I start writing about it. It could be something someone said to me or did to me or said to someone else that I witnessed.  It comes to me in bits and pieces sometimes I may write a word or a line... Sometimes I write a whole big thing in one sitting.

What artists (musicians included) influence you?

ADB: Just about any jazz musician. Salvador Dali and the Surrealistic Period. My artist partner Barclift, who is a constant source of inspiration and motivation. Sometimes Butch Berry inspires me to either write something or kill myself. LOL. Sometimes I write when I am angry. I also write things down because I have a problem with my memory. I started having trouble with it when my ex-wife hit me on the back of my head when I told her I was quitting my job to become a writer.

What was “the Buffoon?”

ADB: “The Buffoon” was a humor magazine Butch Berry created in college. I helped write some of it and think up some of the concepts for it.

How was it received?

ADB: I thought pretty well. I remember us selling every copy we had once for pizza money. In fact, some of our instructors were upset that we did not save them copies! Go figure.

What is “Dead Horse Comedy Hour?”

ADB: DHCH is a Blogtalk Radio program Butch and I created and we incorporated the assistance of another friend of ours, Carla Gee. LOL. It is skits, bits and situations we think up and talk about.

Is it written? How is it done?

ADB: Some of it is written and some of it is improvised. We just think it up, hash out the premise and just do it.

What about the theater? I know you have performed some theater in the past?

ADB: I did a couple of productions in college but nothing since. I have written a couple of plays I want to publish and get produced.

Can you tell us about the plays you are writing?

ADB: “Home On the Grate” is a short play about a homeless man who stumbles on a winning lottery ticket and invests his money in real estate for the homeless, but he doesn't buy buildings. He buys and develops large appliance boxes and develops them for habitation.

“BALLER” is about a high school phenom basketball player who is manipulated by an agent via his father. I am not marketing it as a comedy but there are some moments of levity.


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