The Rev. Daniel F. Graves

Articles & Papers

This page contains various essays, articles and papers that I have written on various subjects. 


On the Liturgy:

The following is an article offering questions for consideration for those undertaking a revision of the Canadian Anglican Healing Liturgy:


Toward a Revision of the Canadian Healing Liturgy


The Place of the Epiclesis in the Anglican Eucharist (coming soon)


Revising the Daily Office (coming soon)


Hippolytus, Dix, and the BAS (coming soon)


The Culminating Sanctus: The Changing Placement of the Sanctus in Recent Anglican Eucharistic Prayers (coming soon)

On the Bible:

Articles for Bible Study:

The following is a series of short articles intended to help Anglican laypeople approach the Bible:


Reading the Bible: Part I - The Daily Office Lectionary as a Tool


Reading the Bible: Part II - Tools, Helps, and Resources


Reading the Bible: Part III - Choosing the Right Translation


New Testament Papers on Various subjects:

The Crucifixion According to St. Matthew (coming soon)


Schweitzer's Quest: A Cautionary Tale (coming soon)


Rejoice in the Lord Always: An Ethical Understanding of Suffering and Joy in Paul's Letter to the Philippians (coming soon)



On Patristic Subjects:

Ignatius of Antioch on Faith, Love, and Hope (coming soon)

Great Anglican Luminaries Series:

The following is a series of essays on the theology of great Anglican thinkers. 


Hanging By a Thread: Richard Hooker and the Salvation of Those in Popish Error (coming soon)


Iure Divino? Four Views on the Authority of the Episcopacy in Richard Hooker (coming soon)


The Spirituality of Samuel Walker (coming soon)


The Integrity of F.D. Maurice (coming soon)


Brooke Foss Westcott: A Portrait of His Religious Thought

(coming soon)


Other Theological Topics:

Rudolf Bultmann and Why History is Important (coming soon)


An Unlikely Paradigm: Casuistry, Usury, and the Same-Sex Debate (coming soon)

Book Reviews:

Review of Peter Hinchcliffe's Frederick Temple, Archbishop of Canterbury: A Life (coming soon)


Review of Diarmaid MacCulloch's Thomas Cranmer (coming soon)


The Rev. Daniel Graves


The Rev. Daniel Graves is the Assistant Curate at Holy Trinity anglican Church in Thornhill, ON, Canada. 


Fr. Graves holds a B.A. (specialized honours) in Religion from York University (Toronto) and an M.Div (hons.) from Trinity College (Toronto), and has done graduate work at McMaster University (Hamilton, ON) in the area of New Testament and Early Judaism.


Fr. Graves has academic interests in the the following areas: New Testament and Early Judaism, The Study of Liturgy, Anglican Church History and Theology(especially Anglicanism of the 16th & 19th centuries), and Christian Existentialism. 




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