Fariba Karimi

I am a postdoctoral researcher currently working at the Computational Social Science department in GESIS - Leibniz Institute for the Social Sciences in Cologne, Germany. I work in the data science team under the supervision of Prof. Markus Strohmaier. My research interests are:

  • Using online datasets such as Wikipedia to investigate how information is being added or edited in different geographical locations. 
  • Understanding social behavior in large scale structure using network tools.
  • Spreading models in social and temporal networks.
  • Default contagion in financial networks.
  • Agent based modelling of social interactions in terms of cooperation and defection.
  • Bias and inequality in the web.

This semester I am teaching "network theory and dynamic system" at University of koblenz-Landau. [Link]
This semester I am co-organizing student seminar "Advance topics in network science" at university of Koblenz-landau. [Link]

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