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  • Google Classroom:
            Deutsch 1   - 1. Stunde: insn2bu
            Deutsch 3/4 - 2. Stunde: fwli34j
            Deutsch 2   - 3. Stunde: 2pwq2eu
            Deutsch 2   - 4. Stunde: qwwtjwh
            Deutsch 1   - 6. Stunde: vdd3mar
            Deutsch 1   - 7. Stunde: kowaob5
            Deutscher Klub:          nwto2jd
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Herzlich willkommen zum neuen Schuljahr!

Welcome to the new school year! 
Hope you had a great summer, refreshed, and are just as excited to start the new school year as I am. 
I wish you a successful and memorable school year 2018/2019.
Why take German in and why you should continue - 
some facts:
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