Frau Holts Wunschliste

Frau Holts Wunschliste

Please remember that for every $5 you spend that is one volunteer hour you can log!

Classroom Fun Wishes

***Watch me Draw books (favorite pets SKU: LT18909 , dolphins SKU: LT18910 , things girls love SKU: LT18911,

dinos SKU: LT18912
zoo SKU: LT18919, rainforest SKU: LT18918, outer space SKU: LT18917,

a boy's adventure SKU: LT18916 ) $5.99 each

*any of the draw and color books as well....$4.99 each

Undersea ABC's LT7810 $16.99

Fishing for numbers LT7821 $17.99

( --for the above items)


***Large Magneatos 144-piece set E5812X  $99.95

***Career Hat Set 735-04181 $49.99

***Visual Explorers XX-8713 (4 sets)


Classroom Snacks

cheese sticks, apples, baby carrots, graham crackers


IB Unit Wishes....

How We Organize Ourselves

(Puzzles from the left)

Sharing the Planet

CD-110134 Brown bear, brown bear what do you see $13.99

CD-110132 the very hungry caterpillar  $13.99

jumbo jungle animals $34.95 LER0693

jumbo insects $27.95 LER0789

jumbo ocean animals $29.95 LER0696

jumbo farm animals $29.95 LER00694

jumbo pets $32.95 LER0688

(Target also has some great little animals- does NOT have to come from the link above!  That is just for simplicity in shopping!)

Ein Haus fuer Barbapapa

Barbapapa die Kueche

Barbapapa der Bauernhof

Barbapapa die Tiere

Barbapapa im Winter