£ WER? (who) : Any Teays Valley High School student.

£ WAS? (what): A bi-monthly academic club.

£ WANN? (when): Immediately after school, usually on Tuesdays from 2:40-3:30pm (unless otherwise noted)

£ WO? (where):  Frau Combs’ room in main building (room #506.)

£ WARUM? (why):  To celebrate German, Austrian, Swiss and German-American culture, customs, and traditions.

£ WIE? (how): Give your completed permission slip and $25 to Frau by Friday, November 7th.  Dues cover the cost of your shirt, snacks and craft supplies. Also, make sure to RSVP to Frau no later than the day before the meeting (meetings with too few attendees may be cancelled.)




Permission Slip

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