II. Registration

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Registration Closes - Friday, February 26, 2016

Students / schools have until Friday, February 26th to register projects for the Fraser Valley Regional Science Fair. As such, please ensure that school science fairs are held early enough to allow sufficient time to identify and register those projects which will be moving on to the regional fair.
Please note the following: 
  • Complete only one registration form for each project.
  • Each student will require an email address to complete his/her registration. This may be the teacher or child's parent's address
  • For class projects (K to Grade 6 only), please enter the teacher's name under "Student #1," followed by the number of students in the class. For example,"Mrs. Tracey, 35 students." 
  • For Special Awards nominations, please check the criteria very carefully, as outlined in the Regional and Provincial Awards
  • Students may only nominate themselves for a maximum of two Special Awards per project. 
Registration Fees & Participant Signature Forms
For your registration to be accepted and considered complete, we must receive your cheque and Release of Information consent (Participant Signature) form, no later than one week following the close of registration

Entry fees for the fair are
 $25 per student, including a single project done by two students. A single project submitted by a class will be assessed a fee of $75

Cheques should be made payable to
 Fraser Valley Regional Science Fair and delivered to 
Maureen Smart 
Senior Administrative Assistant 
c/o Clayburn Middle School 
35139 Laburnum Ave. 
Abbotsford, B.C. 
V2S 8N3 

Please check the website one week after registration closes to see whether your project has been accepted for the Fraser Valley Regional Science Fair.

Day of the Fair
Please review the rules and regulations for the event prior to attending, especially those related to ethics, and materials not permitted to accompany your project (Absolutely NO LIQUIDS).  Please also note, there is no food or drinks allowed in the gym (an area outside the gym will be designated for food and drinks).