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Most of people interested in the Replica 1 device do not live in France... Thus sorry, these pages are in English...

Welcome to the Replica 1 web page. 

This site is about my Apple 1 computer replica, the Replica 1 sold by Briel Computers. This site contains all my works and experiments on this incredible board which enables to take us back to the good old days of the first 8-bit microcomputers.



This is me with my Replica 1, just right from the very first power on, after 3 hours of intensive soldering and checkings. I hooked the board to my old Apple 2 monitor, took a deep breath and turned the power on. Great, this works! Behind me is the famous french computer newspaper "Hebdogiciel", issue #90, 1985, July 5th whose headline was "Les flics d'Apple (Apple cops)".


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Basics on the Replica 1 architecture.

Interfacing the Replica 1 with the Fischertechnick PC parallel interface.

The IO card I designed with the MOS 6522 in order to drive the interface with the 65C02.

Fischertechnik parallel interface driver for Replica 1 (sample source code explained).

Courses I wrote, about smart card technology and applied crypto.


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