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 Hi my name is Frances and I am a graduate student at Binghamton University. I am on the PhD track in the Anthropology Department. This website serves as a virtual hub for my academic interests, CV and other collected resources.

 With a sociocultural background in anthropology, I study human issues dealing with post-conflict transformations, nationalism, marginality and sociopolitical representation. I enjoy exploring how identity is manifested through public and private interactions, aesthetic if not symbolic performances as well as moral choice and personal values. I am fascinated by postsocialist societies, the implication of and resistance to Soviet culture,  and multivocal interpretations of heritage and memory.

As an undergraduate I studied the role of monuments and public performances in shaping post-Soviet identity, and I am still thoroughly intrigued by visual culture. Fostered by additional undergraduate coursework, I am also curious about the role of education in building perceptions of others, a sense of belonging or exclusion, and in guiding social behavior. This is not necessarily measures of schooling, but the transference of knowledge in families, public relationships, and religious or secular groups. I also hope to explore, given my interests in morality and performance, concepts of leisure, fun and personal fulfillment in a postsocialist world.

Geographically, and as a region to make post-socialist inquiries, I focus on Eastern Europe and the Baltic States in particular. My great-grandparents came from rural Lithuania, and their legacy initiated my fascination with the region and culture. With the intention of pursuing graduate research there, I am also self-teaching Lithuanian!  Since education has made such a special impact in my life and personal growth, my academic goal is to pursue research and to inspire students of my own at the college level.