Frances ("Franny") Graham

Remains of Franny Graham identified on 12/17/2009

Arthur Dockery, 57, claims he and the woman who had lived with his father for the past 23 years were kidnapped and taken in separate vans, and he was held by a woman who held him captive as a sexual slave for just under a week and does not know what happened to Graham.  He has only been charged with making a false police report.


Franny Graham lived in Coker Creek TN..... Franny had no blood relatives in this little community. -- public awareness about her disappearance from the Coker Creek "Welcome Center" --may have been considered "negative publicity," that is, "Bad Press for Attracting Tourists," so much so, that "missing person posters" were never seen posted anywhere. This is one of the saddest cases of someone being considered 'economically expendable' since she was not wealthy, or an insider in the recent move-in group of the Coker Creek "Club" give you an idea why this is so...."The recently hired Postal Clerk ' in 2006', was never told of Franny's disappearance.

Learn about the Franny Graham case before you are lured to join any Coker Creek TN clubs or cliques...this little old lady lived in the Coker Creek Community for 25 years, and was a regular at the Ruritan Club.
Skeletal remains of Franny Graham identified on 12/17/2009.

Seniors that are "not from here" should consider that there are many options when considering to --

The Cora Veal Senior center in nearby Madisonville TN. is where she is missed, and they pray for justice on her behalf. 

At the time of her disappearance, Frances Graham was a 72-year-old senior citizen athlete who was active in the Senior Olympics and events at the Cora Veal Senior Citizens Center in Madisonville. She was a 20-year-plus companion of then 85-year-old Floyd Dockery of Coker Creek, living with Dockery at his Highway 68 home that was also occupied by Dockery’s then 58-yearold son, Arthur Dockery.
September 18, 2005, was a Sunday, and Frances Graham and Arthur Dockery left Coker Creek together, bound for Blount County on a planned shopping trip from which neither returned that day. It was the last known time anyone saw Graham alive.

Four days later, on Thursday, September 22, Arthur Dockery appeared at the Blount County Sheriff’s Department, claiming he and Graham had been abducted from a local restaurant’s parking lot and loaded in separate vans. He said his abductors were females who continuously kept the van traveling and who also sexually assaulted him repeatedly in the van. One female, he said, shaved his entire body except his back.

He told Blount County detectives he managed to escape his captors in Jellico and hitch-hiked back to Maryville. He said he hadn’t seen Graham since the parking lot kidnapping.
Later, investigators learned Dockery made a cell phone call to his sister in Michigan on Monday, September 19. The call was traced to a cell tower in Mount Vernon, Illinois, about ten miles from the ditch in Massac County, where the female body was discovered.

Dockery refused polygraph tests in Maryville but remained steadfast in the details of his story, maintaining he knew nothing about Graham’s disappearance.
Before the body turned up in November, Dockery was charged in Blount County with filing a false police report on October 14. On November 1, when he bonded out of the Blount County Justice Center, he was arrested and charged by the Monroe County Sheriff’s Department with driving on suspended license.

On November 21, one day before the body was found, Dockery was charged with aggravated assault by domestic violence when he discharged a weapon at his father’s home, a charge that was dismissed in a preliminary hearing on December 6 when Floyd Dockery refused to testify against his son, and Arthur Dockery was set free.

Diagnosing " Missing Woman Syndrome"

When pretty, young women -- especially white ones -- are killed or disappear, media storms often follow.  Pretty, white damsels in distress draw viewers; missing women who are old, fat, or ugly do not. Public awarenes can be greatly supressed , if the suspect has relatives that are well connected in the community.  CNN blog rings a bell to the Franny Graham missing person case, and to how some in the community here reacted to her disappearance. 

Franny Graham's  website was created in the fall of 2007  by her friends and supporters, when  they were shocked to learn  the Postmaster in Coker Creek contract Post Office- who started a short time after Franny disappeared in the fall of 2006, was never told of this missing person case by the Coker Creek Welcome Center staff .

 Franny Graham's  website was created by her friends and supporters.

           " Ye who turn a blind eye to an injustice are near as guilty as those who perpetrate it. "


Look for this case in a Court T.V. type documentary in the future.

Remains of Franny Graham identified by Illinois State Police

Illinois State Police 
Jonathon E. Monken, Director


Ullin, IL (12/15/09)
Scott Rice
Illinois State Police, Zone 7
618-542-2171 ext. 8059

On November 19, 2005, human skeletal remains were discovered in a ditch near Illinois Route 145 in Massac County, Illinois. Since that time, Illinois State Police, the Massac County Sheriff's Department and the Massac County State's Attorney's Office have been working cooperatively in securing the identification of the skeletal remains and investigating the cause of death.

Through forensic testing, the identification of the deceased has now been confirmed to be Frances Graham of Tellico Plains,Tennessee.