{about us}

how we met...
october 10, 2006
it was my 28th birthday. i sat at a table with a friend. he was our server. something about his eyes, his smile...i asked someone he worked with about him...who was he, what was his name? little did we know then that we would be growing old together.

the proposal...

may 15, 2008
he said we were staying with his cousin, jillian during my first trip to new york and that we had to meet her in brooklyn..said she was on a shoot. so, with luggage in tow, we walked the streets of brooklyn waiting for her "shoot" to be finished. he took me to the most incredible little park lined with beautiful trees, and old lanterns..reminded me of an old romance movie i had once seen...the view was spectacular..new york city across a body of water. he wanted to take my picture, but i refused. we had been traveling all day and i did not feel very picturesque. i felt guilty. he was so excited to have me in new york with him..i turned to give in, but before i could speak, he was on one knee, tiny black box in hand and he said with the brightest smile, "well, if you won't take a picture for me, will you marry me?" i couldn't believe it! my jaw dropped and couldn't make a sound...i could not believe that here i was, dirty, tired, crabby...and this wonderful man still wanted to spend the rest of his life with me! his hand was shaking...he asked for an answer! i couldn't stop kissing his face...of course i would marry him..what girl in her right mind wouldn't?

wondering when & where we are tying the knot?

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