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Mr. Truslow is a certified Project Management Professional (PMP) and is an IBM Certified Advanced Application Developer and IBM Certified System Administrator.  Mr. Truslow has over 19 years experience in the software development and integration arena with a particular emphasis on Lotus Notes/Domino and collaborative applications.  Mr. Truslow possesses IT infrastructure, software development, and system migration skills with proven vertical market experience in government, manufacturing, education, retail, government, legal, and communications.  Mr. Truslow is an IT leader who has written several technical articles for the Advisor technical magazine series and was featured on the cover of the August 20th, 2007 Washington Technology Magazine.




Certifications and Awards

·         Certified Advanced Application Developer – Lotus Notes and Domino 8

·         Certified System Administrator – Lotus Notes and Domino 8

·         PMI-Certified Project Manager (PMP)

·         2006 Ace Info Solutions Employee of the Year

·         Washington Technology Magazine Channel Leader of 2007.  Featured in cover story of August 20th, 2007 edition of Washington Technology magazine

·         Instrumental in CMMI Level 2 project appraisal as a Program Manager

·         Instrumental in ISO 9001:2000 project certification as a Program Manager



·      “Automatically Generating Response Documents”, Lotus Notes Advisor Magazine

·      “Create a Virtual Inheritance Solution Via Macros”, Lotus Advisor Magazine

·      The Notes Mail Archive Problem Solved”, Lotus Advisor Magazine

·          “Build Internet-Style Doclinks in Notes”, Lotus Advisor Magazine

·           Interview on Lotus Notes and Certification,, June, 2001,289483,sid4_gci751486,00.html



Professional Experience


·        Lotus Notes/Domino Subject Matter Expert managing a domain within a large government client.  Demonstrates expertise in Lotus Notes/Domino by automating previously manual processes, building new databases, and enhancing existing databases utilizing LotusScript, @formula language, and LEI.  Built and enhanced multi-database systems that interact with other Notes systems, moving very large amounts of data across networks and presenting this data in a meaningful way to the end users.  Works closely with the customer onsite in determining requirements, translating those requirements into a design, and building quality Notes databases.   Have successfully built or re-designed several databases that have enhanced the ability of our customer to successfully execute their mission.

·         Demonstrates technical leadership by looking for areas of improvement for Notes/Domino systems and databases, recommends changes to those systems and databases, develops and implements those changes.  Some examples include working to develop several new techniques and tools for searching Notes databases in order to help users better find critical information; finding a new way to automate the moving of data between databases when replication is not an option; new means of decrypting data; and setting up a new automated system for moving and managing critical data.  Have been noted by the customer several times in giving great customer service and making a difference in the overall usefulness and effectiveness of the Notes databases and systems.

·        Liaises with other administrators and developers on other networks to effectively set up cross-certification and replication and provides development assistance to other developers on an as-needed basis. Effectively manages the domain by setting up a new Lotus Notes administrator process, modifying replication schemes, and working with O/S system administrators to make sure our Domino servers are running at optimal levels.  Responsible for setting up users, setting up and migrating Domino servers, setting up and managing Sametime, managing  overall Lotus Notes/Domino security and the domain, and user support for the Notes domain.


·         Chief Information Officer (CIO) for a Federal IT contractor with five offices throughout the country and headquartered in the northern Virginia area.  Responsible for all IT-related personnel, budget and contract decisions within the 150+ employee company.  Worked as a program manager on contracts at the US Veterans Administration, EPA, US Naval Academy, and Patuxent River Naval Air Station.

·         Worked closely with the owner of the company in determining the strategic direction of the company and determining what IT projects will help the company achieve its overall strategic goals.  Determined the company needed to achieve CMMI Level 3 certification and lead an effort to have Metters appraised at that level.  After a thorough review, determined that the company needs an infrastructure rebuild and lead an effort to rebuild both the hardware and collaborative software infrastructures.  Other projects included leading an effort to redesign and rebuild the company web site, improving external data connectivity and building a software integration/maintenance process. 

·         Acted as the lead Capture Manager in Federal acquisitions, participating in bid/no-bid decisions and delivering many technical proposals, teaming arrangements and building and delivering oral presentations to the Federal government on proposals. 

·         Acted as the lead Program Manager on the Metters DHS Eagle IDIQ Contract, building solutions, teams and delivering proposals on DHS Eagle FC 4 contracts.  Acted as the backup Program Manager on the VETS GWAC IDIQ contract. 


·         Program manager for 3 US EPA OPP contracts totaling over $5 million in annual revenue.  Responsible for all technical deliveries, development, management, personnel decisions, budget and costs for the contracts.  Responsible for EVM analysis, status reporting (weekly and monthly) and invoicing for all EPA projects at Ace Info Solutions.  Utilized tools such as MS Project and Excel to keep track of EVM data, budgets, burn rates, and invoices.  Responsible for making the project CMMI Level 2 compliant through a successful SEI appraisal.  Technical responsibilities included the maintenance for over 400 Lotus Notes/Domino databases and development of all new Lotus Notes/Domino databases, Oracle database integration and developing Business Objects reports and universes.  Responsible for assisting in developing an Oracle Real Application Cluster (RAC) for the client, developing automated data extractions for use by state governments from major Oracle applications.  Responsible for operations and maintenance of a large Oracle system, Citrix, Documentum, Windows 2003 and Active Directory, PowerBuilder, Java, and Oracle Portal.

·         Personally developed several Notes applications, including a CMMI Project Tracking System that was the backbone of the CMMI Level 2 appraisal on the project.  Developed a new MIME email facility using the Notes API that allows true web-like emails using the Lotus Notes interface.  Also assisted in the development of a new Domino State Label Information Tracking System (SLITS), which included working with administrators in setting up users for the secure use of the application.  Also re-developed one of the largest Notes database in the Office, IHAD (Integrated Hazard Assessment Database), and integration of the Notes OPP Directory database with an Oracle backend.  Also responsible for developing a process to upgrade all OPP Lotus Notes application from R6.5 to R7.  Worked with the customer to create all documentation for all IT-related projects at OPP.  This documentation included project plans, project monitoring and control plans, requirements documents to include requirements traceability matrices, test plans, and implementation plans.  Responsible for the testing all of the new and re-designed Notes applications. 

·         Responsible for all project scheduling to include the planning of all development and maintenance activities on the contract.  Also responsible for the communication and coordination of all ongoing and planned development and maintenance activities to other offices within OPP.  Developed many project plans for all IT activities and managed the activities through until completion.  Utilized MS Project to develop a customized template for the customer to use on all IT projects.  Assisted in the project management for the IT-related activities for the entire OPP office at EPA.  Responsible for the management and coordination of moving over 900 desktops, re-imaging and re-configuring their machines, and developing an automated Lotus Notes upload and install routing for all the users.  Assisted the customer by developing gap analyses in the PRISM IV4R report for the new PRISM system.   Successfully estimated, monitored, and managed many software development and maintenance projects for the customer.  Also responsible for evaluating new software development tools, COTS and GOTS software, and any custom applications and making recommendation to the customer. 

·         Responsible for the management, development, architecture, and content for all of EPA’s Office of Solid Waste and Emergency Response (OSWER) web sites.  Responsible for developing, maintaining and modifying all 10,000+ web pages for the OSWER office.  This work entailed updating the web pages with HTML, JavaScript, Dreamweaver, ColdFusion and updating all 10,000+ pages with the new EPA CSS v3.2.1.  Responsible for the technical leadership of the team, which entailed working with two developers and an administrator, and mentoring them on web development and implementation issues.  Developed a new content management workflow system which allowed streamlined approval of content changes.  Developed a web developer’s checklist to assist the web developers in their day-to-day development activities and to make sure no steps were skipped.   


·         Sole Lotus Notes and Domino developer for CarMax Corporate Headquarters in Richmond, VA.  Responsible for all Notes and Domino development and maintenance for all CarMax stores.  Developed the MAC (Move, Add, Change) database that tracks all MACS at CarMax’s across the country.   Also built Project Collaborator, the main system used for tracking all IT Projects, the CARE Database that tracks all customer service requests across the country, and the Tax Tracking Database that tracks all corporate transactions and many other databases.  Worked with administrators to set up the secure use of Domino databases.  Also built applications using encrypted sections and fields to make sure data was protected for the intended user.

·         Responsible for the project management, requirements analysis, development, testing, implementation and training of all new Lotus Notes/Domino systems.  Worked to assure the reliability of all new Notes applications through the unit, integration, regression and system testing of all new Notes databases prior to release.  Effectively debugged all Notes applications through the use of the LotusScript debugger and intense use of formula language debugging techniques such as using @prompts to show formula and variable values.

·    Provided end users and other administrators third-tier help application support.  This included instructing in the use Notes/Domino applications, including Notes mail, and instructing users in the workings of Notes/Domino and how the applications and security of the Notes/Domino system operates.  Acted as the Notes/Domino SME for the entire CarMax Corporation.


·         Developed many R5 Notes and Domino applications for a large Northern Virginia-based semiconductor facility. Directly responsible for and the primary developer of the Dominion Semiconductor Web Site, the MI 2001 Intranet System, the Chemical Management System,  Shipping Requests System, Equipment Master Schedule Database, MTR Charting Database, DSC Tool Performance Database, the Toshiba/SanDisk Export Control System and the Facilities Work Order Database.   Responsible for unit and integration testing of my own code but worked to test other developer’s applications through regression and system testing.  Also worked on peer reviews to assure the most effective means of development were used for any particular technical issue.  Worked as the lead Lotus Notes consultant and was looked upon to deliver on the most complex issues.

·         Sole developer of the PM Waiver system that monitored wafer production robots to track their maintenance schedules.  If a robot had not been maintained within a certain amount of time, the robot would be shut down.  This system interfaced with both SAP (for the maintenance schedules) and SiView (for control of the robots).  Developed custom ODBC connectors and RFC’s that interfaced with SiView and SAP respectively.

·         Instrumental in the development and maintenance of the ITSS (Information Technology Support System), SOP/AOP Training Database, the Purchase Requisition System, and the Process Change Review Board System. 


·         Managed and led a national, 12 employee Notes, Exchange and GroupWise deployment, migration, and application development practice.

·         Drove consulting revenue through engagement of client/sales organization and responsible for revenue and GP objectives in the practice.  This included instructing all sales personnel in formal classroom environments and creating instructive collateral for their use in driving business.  Developed several internal Domino systems for the internal Intranet, including Starfinder, an employee skills and resume database and e-req, an internal system for requesting  skills and needs through HR.

·         Developed all service offerings in the practice, including cc:Mail to Notes migration, cc:Mail to Exchange migration, Notes Application Development and Notes R5 upgrade.  Also responsible for the development and dissemination of best practices for consulting services.

·         Developed all vendor relationships and partnerships related to the practice.  Duties included developing initiatives to help drive sales, clearly communicating our objectives to our vendors and partners, writing and publishing joint press releases about our joint successes.

·         Developed training plans for all employees in the practice to help assure a high retention rate for consultants.


·         Managed and led a 7-person Notes deployment and development operation for a large government client.  Responsible for all administrative activities of a 20-server, 3000+ user Notes environment.

·         Redesigned the intranet infrastructure from a multi-domain, non-hierarchical system to a one-domain, hierarchical system.  Made the groupware unit compliant with SEI Level 3 software development.  This entailed a complete rebuilding and documentation of the groupware/intranet/internet software development methodology.

·         Instrumental in the building of several intranet/internet systems using Domino.  These systems included: The Guide to Education Programs, The Debt Collection System, The Automated Product Catalog, The Handicapped-Accessible Mail Template, The Grants Policy Oversight System, The Groupware Team Status/Notification System and The CIO’s Service Satisfaction Survey.



·         Managed and led a 4-person Notes deployment and development operation for a large commercial customer.  Responsible for the internal operation and development of a 3000-user, 25 server Notes environment.Represented CACI to our large customer’s Panel Law Firms at regional conferences by giving speeches and demonstrations on Notes and its usefulness.  Part of this demonstration is building various applications to show how quickly they can be built.

·         Set up and maintained Windows NT 3.51 and 4.0 Ethernet 10BaseT LANs with Lotus Notes R4.1 server and Lotus Notes R4.1 clients running on Windows 95 in the development of a nationwide, 300+ server Lotus Notes VAN for a large commercial client, USF&G.  This included visiting many panel law firms, including Wiley, Rein and Fielding, and consulting with the client, setting up the software and training the users on the software.

·         Built R4 Call Tracking, Project Tracking, CACI Corporate Resume’, Sales Support, Configuration Management, Standard Configuration, Quote Generation, Corporate Definitions, Proposal Management, B&P Funds Approval with Interactive Workflow and Software License Tracking Databases for internal and customer use.  Advised and tutored CACI personnel in Notes replication conflicts, author and reader name field problems (security) and building R3 and R4 Notes databases. 


TECHNICAL LEADER, LOTUS NOTES DEVELOPMENT, Science Applications International Corporation (1/96 - 7/96)

·         Responsible for the development, roll out, administration and training regarding Lotus Notes applications for a user base of 2000+ users and 50+ servers.

·         Developed the AdminLAN Change Request System (ACRS).  This database was a large workflow, mail-enabled database that featured automatic mail notification of action items.

·         Maintained the Freedom of Information Act Tracking System (FOIMATS) by developing new releases of the system.  Led weekly Notes development and administration seminars on subjects determined by my co-worker’s suggestions.  Subjects ranged from the use of background, mail/paste or filter macros to delegation of section authority to reporter and event logging.

·         Developed and deployed new release roll-out system that streamlined and eased software releases.  Instrumental in upgrading Notes servers to 4.0.  Also responsible for developing an upgrade strategy that outlines a 4 step upgrade process; server upgrade, client upgrade, client mail database upgrade and existing production database upgrade.

LOTUS NOTES SPECIALIST, Advanced Technology Systems (1/95 - 1/96)

·         Responsible for the development, roll out, administration and training regarding Lotus Notes applications for a user base of 4000+ users and 20+ servers.

·         Developed the Automated Bankcard System, Human Resources Action Tracking System, Deliverable Notification System, Hardware/Software Request System, The Secretary's Contact Manager System, Automated

Document Clearance System, Internet Discussion Database and the HUDware User Request System for the Department of Housing and Urban Development.  Most applications were workflow while others were tracking, discussion and knowledge databases.

·         Responsible for user maintenance/setup and was instrumental in the company's Lotus Notes infrastructure redesign.  This redesign included infrastructure planning and re-certification of 400 users and 7 servers.   Designed a hub-and-spoke replication strategy and set up an external firewall server for data security.

·         Set up server and WAN connectivity for a large, nationwide Notes HR system.  Traveled to several sites throughout the United States setting up and installing Notes Servers and providing classroom training in Notes administration and development for computer specialists.

·         Demonstrated expertise in monitoring servers, event logging, replication schedules, and NAB administration.

TASK LEADER, Advanced Technology Systems (11/91-1/95)

·         Successfully represented ATS to the federal client in initiating, developing and maintaining large-scale networked computer systems. Effectively managed and led a team of 8 analysts who assist in providing these systems.  Examples of networked projects - Locator, Training Registration System and the Cities System and utilized tools such as Lotus Notes, FoxPro and Clipper. 

·         Developed networked computer systems for client user base of 13,000+ users and 30+ LAN's in the Department of Housing and Urban Development.  Utilized many software tools such as C, Visual Basic and Clipper 5.2.  Effectively managed and led a team of 3 programmers/analysts.  Gathered system requirements and recommended, developed and maintained systems based on those requirements.

·    Developed several Windows and DOS-based systems using such tools as C and Lotus 1-2-3 and Notes macros.  Provided Lotus 1-2-3, WordPerfect, FoxPro and dBase end-user support.

SUPERVISOR/PURCHASING AGENT, Benchmark, Inc. (5/86-11/91)

·         Responsible for over $20 million in annual raw material outlay.  Responsible for negotiating contracts with new and current suppliers.  Proactively managed and led a team of 4 Material Requirement Planners. 

·         Developed new BOM System and Stock Planning System (JIT) that saved the company $95,000 annually.

·         Responsible for LAN administration and assisting other users with software and hardware problems.

Ÿ  Managed a full production shift of 50+ employees.






 Recent Professional Development

·         August, 2011 - Fundamentals of the Java Programming Language, Java SE 6

·         January,  2011 - Lotusphere

·         April, 2010 - Developing XPages using Domino Designer 8.5

·         January, 2010 - Lotusphere


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