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Hello fantastic fans of the late great Frank Sidebottom. I have been a big fan of Timperley's favourite son for decades. I first discovered him while reading Oink comic in the 1980's. Oink specialised in sniggering rude humour for pre-teens. It was more 'kiddie' than Viz, but somehow more charming for it. I loved the gross-out humour of Burp the Smelly Alien, and Pete and his Pimple

But the strip that stood out the most was the family-friendly Frank Sidebottom. It wasn't a straight parody of the classic British children's funnies like much of Oink and Viz. Surreal and naive, it was like nothing else I'd ever seen. I'd flick impatiently to the Frank Sidebottom pages as soon as I got each issue.

As a pop music obsessive, I spent a lot of time in the import record shops of Sydney and Canberra. One day, while flicking through the racks, I saw a record by my favourite Oink character. I realised then that this was the work of a visionary auteur. The records were even better than the comics. The punk DIY ethic shone through in both formats. It doesn't matter if you can't play or draw the way your teacher or art critic wants you to... if you've got an idea, get out there and express it! 

Chris Sievey, the creator of Frank Sidebottom, died on June 21, 2010. In later years my fandom consisted of receiving email updates about Frank's public appearances. Each time I read an email I'd vaguely plan to go on one of his 'Magical Timperley Tours'. Now I never will. But Frank has left behind a body of work which still gives me a belly laugh every time.

There are many tributes and obituaries to Frank/Chris around the internet. I thought I'd pay tribute by scanning and uploading some of my old Frank Sidebottom strips, and digitising a bit of vinyl. I've tried to put here only things which have not been available elsewhere on the net. Perhaps these files will help you relive the time you discovered Frank Sidebottom, as I have been since his tragic death.

All the best Frank, you were the greatest. You know you were, you really were. Thank You! 

Declan Stylofone, July 2010
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Lard Conversation/Oh Supermum mp3 from Frank's Sci-Fi EP. A bit of audio drama sets up the song about Frank's daring space ecapades! See the Holiday Special images below! Sorry about the bobbins quality of my old vinyl record!
Oink 30 - In this episode, Frank gets more than he bargained for when Little Frank helps organise a celebrity bash. 
Oink 31 - Frank makes the cover of Time magazine..
Oink 35 - Travel snaps from Frank's holiday..
Oink 36a - Little Frank takes over the strip this week!
Oink 36b - A vignette from Frank's school days.
Oink 37 - Frank's Visit Timperley competition.
Oink 51a - Little Frank's fantastic Hollywood gossip competition.
Oink 52a - Frank's showbiz column adorns the cover.
Oink 54 - Some highly credible showbiz gossip from reliable sources.
Oink 55 - More hot news from the biz.
Oink 56 - Yet more! E News, eat yer breakfast!
Oink 60 - Frank's magic moments of magic.
Oink 61 - More magic. It's not bobbins, honest!
Oink 62 - Batbottom and Bobbins pullout pin-up. I laughed so hard the first time I saw this!
Oink 64a - Some of the adventures of Batbottom and Bobbins.
Holiday Special a - The Space is Ace Board game. 
Holiday Special b - part one of the board.
Holiday Special c - part two of the board.

These files and many more are available in a torrent file on Demonoid. I beseech you to help me seed... pleeeeeeaaaaaaase! 

I welcome any additions or suggestions from fellow Frank-o-philes.