Frank Poliat: Top 10% Sales Producer, Marketing Strategist.

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Consultation and implementation:
B2B and B2C sales and marketing.
Analog, digital, social marketing strategy and implementation.
Sales team development. Social networking design.
Cloud computing software and website usability design and editing.
Tech writing and instruction flow-charting.
Cross-cultural meaning analysis.


Skype: quickdrawartist

IF your company or organization is looking for an articulate, intelligent, seasoned executive who knows how to LISTEN FIRST and sell second, I may be your man.

IF you have projects and/or strategies whose implementation requires flexibility and a wide-ranging knowledge in many fields, consider talking to me. Take a look at my competencies and skills; maybe you've found what you're looking for.

They say that people buy the person first and the product/service second. Having worked with thousands of clients, I know it's true. No matter what kind of personality type we sell to, and no matter how compelling their need, the relationship comes first.

I like people and that comes across quickly. Therefore, I'm able to gain peoples' trust - and their commitment - in relatively short order.

My in-depth business experience will give you the edge you need to achieve your purpose. I can complement your organization's needs in the areas of strategy, planning and execution. As a business owner, I am experienced in all aspects of creating and executing business and marketing.

Core competencies:
  • Sales: direct and indirect, in person, telemarketing, telemarketing script development.
  • Marketing Advertising strategy, media buys, writing, organizing, planning. traditional and virtual media.
  • Languages: speak and read French and Spanish.
  • Computer skills, up-to-date competency in all major business related utilities.
  • Experienced Internet Sales Chain Strategist. A business or organization’s Internet presence is only as strong as its weakest link. The majority of businesses and organizations seem to be unaware that such a chain even exists. The “links” in the chain are:
    1. Complete a SWOT analysis.
    2. Develop a web presence, based on SWOT and created with usability* in mind.
    3. Test usability**.
    4. Develop Best Practices contact-infrastructure for website (phone contact, chat, contact form etc).
    5. Develop a traffic optimization strategy (SEM, SEP….I consider SEO a secondary, long-term strategy, not a first-line tactic.
    6. Implement the above, refine, redevelop.
    *“Usability” as defined by Jakob Nielsen. “Usability’s” main purpose is “Conversion.”  “Conversion”:  converting site visitors to clients and/or involved participants.
    **See “Why You Only Need to Test with 5 Users”

  • Graphic design:,  layout and composition, pre-press, photography.
  • Manufacturing protocols and planning.
  • Management: hiring, training, delegation.
  • Retail: familiar with all aspects of retailing and staff management.
  • Experience Online Auction seller (under name of Quickdrawartist) in eBay and Amazon.
  • Writing: proposals, white papers, research, copy editing.
  • Public speaking and presentations.

Work Experience:

2001 to current.

Sales and marketing consultant working with clients including multimedia company, computer integration and security firm, software testing laboratory, Internet software design company and wholesale business. Some clients: Wiqet Media (, Infocom Group, Whitehorse Graphics, Omix

Online merchant (ID name Quickdrawartist), eBay and Amazon.

Unity Marketing Group - 2008
Unity was a premier sales subcontractor to Comcast as well as to several other Fortune 500 Media conglomerates and Telecoms. I started as a sales representative and became sole Portland Sales Manager within 4 months. As such, my team achieved its highest sales within our regional network spanning 4 states. I managed about 15 sales reps and was responsible for all aspects of hiring and training them as well.

Sprint Inc. (Emerging Technologies Division) - 1998 - 2001

Account Executive. Achieved top 10% of sales nationally and nominated for Pinnacle Award winner. Cited as individual example of proactive approach to sales in Chris Barnett's column in Microtimes: "Baldridge Award Honors Excellence. Responsible for sales of data, IP and voice, products, B2B, nationwide. B2B sales in a tough market. Identified and contacted prospects. Center closed in 2001.

The Leatherworks, Inc. -  1975 - 1998

CEO, manager. Established retail leather goods business. Trained and developed staff in product design and production, sales, procurement, office management, CRM and vendor/outside services relations. Created mail order business for The Leatherworks. Designed, produced, advertised and distributed catalog. Sold the business in 1998.


Reed College, Portland OR, 1970. Major: Psychology - Sociology

  • Speak/read: English, French, Spanish.
  • Writing
  • Illustrating
  • Marketing and sales strategy
  • Team building and management
  • Networking
  • Web usability and UX
  • eCommerce development
  • Business development
  • Internet development, marketing and communications and usability
  • Music, the arts, theater, film, literature
  • Social psychology, ancient/modern history, environmental and political studies
  • Travel, hiking, bicycling, dancing
  • Volunteer work
Ideal Company Description:
  • A company, public or private, that supports the career and personal development of its people
  • Encourages ongoing and continued education and training
  • Progressive, diverse, friendly, with possibly some national or international scope
  • Committed to an ethical system, internally and externally
  • Committed to a strong, useable and intelligent web presence
  • Committed to sustained growth through appropriate B2B and B2C strategic planning and implementation

Available upon request. 


Develop usable (“user friendly”) website designed to optimize “conversion”   from website visitor to “user” or client > Online sponsored ads in Google and Yahoo to create traffic to website > Appropriate follow-through to prospects’ inquiries after visiting website

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“I worked with Frank on a site for a client of his, and he was very detail oriented. Frank made sure that the end product delivered to his client was exactly what the client wanted, and made additional changes that I'm sure went above and beyond the client's expectations. Frank was easy to work with, and it's easy to tell that he takes good care of those that engage his services...”

Scott Hendison
Client, Portland OR
Internet consultant

“I have worked with Frank Poliat on a variety of writing projects. I have found him to be insightful, creative, able to meet deadlines, and straightforward in his critiques. He knows what he wants and will do the research to make it happen. Frank is a quick study and will learn a project from the ground up in record time. He is also smart enough to say no. Give Frank an hour and you'll gain an education.”

Nancy Christie

Writer and Editor, Carbon Originals

“Delightfully approachable and passionate in his work, Frank is genuinely keen to help others succeed and goes out of his way to do so. As a consultant, Frank offers years of varied experience that he seamlessly synthesizes for the client's benefit. In short, working with Frank on your side is a real pleasure.”

Jeffrey Bialy
Director of Business Development Associate
The Overland Agency

“Frank is very innovative and savvy about Internet usage and web site development and generous in his efforts and patience to show me how to set up a web site. I appreciate the wealth of information he has, and the good resources he provides through his consulting network.”

Sue Tjernlund
Client, Portland OR

“Frank offers a very unique, powerful and affordable service to those individuals wishing to have control over their websites. Frank's program gives his clients the flexibility to modify their websites when convenient for them, not having to be dependent on others."

Howard Wasserteil
Consultant, Portland OR