My Name is Therese
                                      I never collected dolls  before until I stumbled      
                                      across   The Franklin mint Gibson Girl
                                            Anniversary Bride doll 
                                             she took my    breath away

                                     I fell in love with these dolls then bought the whole     

                                     series To my dismay I could not find any information

                                     about these dolls any where so I started researching  

                                     I have always loved this style  of dress 

                                    The Gibson era is Edwardian  between 1900 to 1908

                                     followed by the titanic 1908 to 1910

                                    I slowly  started buying all the advertisements

                                    and catalogues I could find 

                                    I have about 10 years of franklin mint doll

                                    Advertising and catalogues and infomation

                                                I wish to share

                                              To view the dolls just hit
                                            the link at the top of the page
                                             The Gibson girl collection