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Franklin Art Alumni Register


Franklin High School Art Major Alumni

Kaity Myers 2012, Eastern Michigan University

Matt Johnson 2012, Eastern Michigan University 

Savannah Haig 2010, Siena Heights University 

Mary McLain 2010, Maryland Institute College of Art

Skene Milne 2010, Savannah College of Art and Design

Jeff Sant 2010, American Academy of Art

Rachel Waters 2010, College for Creative Studies

Jane Labowitch 2009, American Academy of Art

Amberly Perez 2009, College for Creative Studies

Alexia White 2009, College for Creative Studies

Christen Minnick 2008, Brooks Institute, CA

Ibironki Ayorinde 2008, College for Creative Studies

Tim Chappell 2008, College for Creative Studies

Caitlin Fagan 2008, College for Creative Studies

Darcy Henrickson 2008, Eastern Michigan University

Alecia Hlebechuk 2008,  University of Michigan School of Art & Design

Pam Richardson 2008, Schoolcraft College

Chloe Songalewski 2008 , American Academy of Art Chicago

Ryan Stanisewski 2008 , College for Creative Studies

Zachary Wojnar 2008,  College for Creative Studies

Nicole Butler 2007, Wayne State University

Hannah Dunbar 2007, College for Creative Studies

Jessica Eskildsen 2007, Eastern Michigan University

Tony Calleja 2007, College for Creative Studies

Amber Hewitt 2007, College for Creative Studies 

Tony Hope 2007, College for Creative Studies

Meaghan Brownlee 2007, Schoolcraft College

Tim Gault Jr. 2006, College for Creative Studies

Chelsea Tucker 2006, College for Creative Studies 

Andy Furton 2006, Western Michigan University

Ryan Gilliland 2006, Kendall College of Art and Design

Danielle Hood 2006, Wayne State University

Rebekah Zurenko 2006, Eastern Michigan University

Jon Drobil 2006, Schoolcraft College

Jacklyn Trimboli 2006, Schoolcraft College

Josh Glennie 2006, Kendall College of Art and Design

Nicole Mueller 2006, Oakland Community College

Mary Smith 2006, Eastern Michigan University

Devin  Sioma 2005, Eastern Michigan University, Adrian College

Mike Hetu 2005, Kendall College of Art and Design

Matt Byle  2005 , College for  Creative Studies

Chris Hoobler 2005, College for  Creative Studies

Jessie Weldon 2005,  Eastern Michigan University

Pete DiGennaro 2005, Eastern Michigan University

Henry LeHue 2005, Henry Ford  College

Nikki Richardson 2005,  Kendall College of Art and Design

Sara Stollings 2005, College for Creative Studies
Lindsay Emeigh 2004, The Art Institute of Charlotte

Jim-Sean Hovell 2004, College for Creative Studies

Ashlee Rezin 2004, College for Creative Studies

Jeff  Burda  2004, Wayne State University

Josh Stump 2004, Wayne State University

Stephanie Wood  2003, Adrian College

Ashley Sako 2003, Eastern Michigan University

Jared Leathers 2001, Eastern Michigan University

Lindsey Johnson 2001, Art Institutes of Chicago

Marty Moszczynski 2001, College for  Creative Studies

 Joe Wambaugh 2001, Eastern Michigan University

Abbey Hope 2001, Harrington Institute of Design

Becky Buck, Columbia College Chicago

Jeannie Eng 2000, College for Creative Studies

John Hicks 2000, College for  Creative Studies

Lauren Rossi 2000, Eastern Michigan University, Oakland Community College,  College for  Creative Studies

Jessica Decker 2000, Wayne State University,  Oakland Community College

Amy Polack 2000, Siena Heights University

Cyndi Lareau 1999, Kendall College of Art and Design

Erin Brown  1999, College for Creative Studies

Tara Flores 1999, Academy of Art University, San Fransico, CA

They saw creatively.  F.A.D.