sn cst4 in mobi and epub

all 5 vaggos combined into one

This was derived from the 5 vaggos of CST4, renumbered into modern system with 56 samyuttas.

designed to be easy to navigate among the 56 samyuttas on a kindle touch or similar ereading touch device.

Main table of contents has hyperlinks to 56 samyuttas.
Within each samyutta, you can "swipe up" or "swipe down" motion on the touchpad to advance chapters, which are suttas within a samyutta. Each sutta heading has an "up arrow" hyperlink that takes you to the table of contents of suttas for that samyutta. The first entry in that table is a "samyutta nikaya" link that takes you back to the main table of contents of samyuttas.

Except for samyuttas which contain a large number of suttas, it is really easy and quick to get to the sutta you want.

Known bug: the perl script searches for "suttam" keyword, so in samyuttas where it starts with something other than a sutta, numbering gets messed up and suttas that might have been written something like "1 -12 are repeats of the same sutta" will not be recognized.

12/30/11 : I uploaded two new versions with title fixed. They were built with calibre uncompressed to run a little faster, so the epub version especially is bloated. When the SN is more stable I'll generate a compressed version.

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