Below you will find the contact information for the staff at Brown School. To find information more quickly, sort the columns by clicking the button at the top of the column you would like to sort.
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Abramson, Lynn First Grade Teacher AbramsLy@spsd.org 
Conley III, Phil Physical Education Teacher ConleyP@spsd.org 
DeGeorge, Leslie Art Teacher DeGeorLe@spsd.org 
Osann, Rosemary Music Teacher OsannRo@spsd.org 
Perkins, Kelly School Secretary PerkinKe@spsd.org 
Derrick, Dina Speech Language Pathologist DerricDi@spsd.org 
DiRobbio, Maryann Fifth Grade Teacher DiRobbMa@spsd.org 
Parvin, Colleen Literacy Teacher MatoiaCo@spsd.org 
Cummings, Betsey Library Clerk CumminBe@spsd.org 
Carr, Kathleen Library Clerk CarrKa@spsd.org 
Brown, Beverly Cafeteria Manager Brownbe@spsd.org 
Baker, Ruthann Fifth Grade Teacher Bakerru@spsd.org 
Dolley, Beth Guidance Counselor Dolleybe@spsd.org 
Fleury, Bradley Technology Ed Tech FleuryBr@spsd.org 
Merritt, Colette Speech Language Pathologist Merritco@SPSD.org  
Nason-Tierney, Tammy Kindergarten Teacher Tierneta@spsd.org 
Perron, Kim Occupational Therapist Perronki@spsd,org 
Rogers, April  Third Grade Teacher Rogersap@spsd.org 
LaRose, Denise Kindergarten Teacher Larosede@spsd.org 
Hayward, Jennifer School Nurse HaywarJe@spsd.org 
Everest, Wendi Part Time Main Office Secretary Everstwe@spsd.org 
Some, Modibo Custodial Foreman Somemo@spsd.org 
Heatley, Robert Custodian   
McNeice, Maggie EdTech, Resource Room McNeMa@spsd.org 
Milkulka, Kathleen EdTech, Reading MikulkKa@spsd.org 
Ouellette, Kristi First Grade Teacher Ouellekr@spsd.org 
Gilhooly, Kate Second Grade Teacher Gilhooka@spsd.org 
McCann, Michael Fourth Grade Teacher Mccannmic@spsd.org 
Altham, Corinne Librarian Althamco@spsd.org 
Doucette, Paula ELL Teacher Doucetpa@spsd.org 
Jones, Alexis Principal jonesal@spsd.org 
Corbett, Hollie Psychological Examiner corbetho@SPSD.org 
DePaolo, Mary Lunch Aide depaolma@SPSD.org 
Faulkner, Elizabeth School Social Worker FaulknEl@spsd.org 
Folsom, Schyler Resource Room Teacher folsomsc@SPSD.org 
Horgan, Nancy Physical Therapist horganna@spsd.org 
Dillon, Sarah Third Grade Teacher dillonsa@SPSD.org 
Sullivan, Kalyn Fifth Grade Teacher sullivka@SPSD.org 
McNally, Hana Special Education Classroom Teacher mcnallha@SPSD.org 
Howard, Beth Special Education Clerk HowardBe@spsd.org 
Nielsen, Sarah EdTech, Math and Literacy Intervention nielsesa@spsd.org 
Pines, Emily Sweetser Social Worker epines@sweetser.org 
Stoddard, Jennifer Cafeteria Staff stoddaje@SPSD.org 
Tannoia, Tracy EdTech, Resource Room TannoiTr@spsd.org 
Fletcher, Jennifer Band Instructor fletchje@SPSD.org 
Schuler, Kristin Kindergarten Teacher Schulekr@spsd.org 
Mead, Robin  Fourth Grade Teacher meadro@spsd.org 
Weeks, Elizabeth Second Grade Teacher Weeksel@spsd.org 
McNeely, Jane Third Grade Teacher Mcneelja@spsd.org 
Hanson, Karen Special Education Educational Technician  Hansonka@spsd.org 
Gilfenbaum, Sara Educational Technician  GilfenSa@spsd.org 
Mickiewicz, Kim  Special Education Educational Technician  mickieki@spsd.org 
Phillips, Caroline Special Education Educational Technician  PhilliCa@spsd.org 
Ratliff, Tandy Special Education Educational Technician  ratlifta@spsd.org 
Sarapas, Judy Educational Technician  SarapaJu@spsdme.org 
Thayer, Chandra Special Education Educational Technician  ThayerCh@spsd.org 
Reddy, Lynda Instructional Strategist reddyly@spsdme.org 
Showing 57 items