Perde Diem

     The Hodgepodge Lodge is a Frankfort, Kentucky-based ICS lodge.  We try to meet once a month and play the 20-Song Game as outlined in The Frustrated Songwriter's Handbook.  If you are interested in joining the lodge please contact us here.  You need not live in Kentucky to participate.

    The songs posted on this site are the results of our "day sessions" in which we dedicate 12 hours to write and record as many songs as possible.  These sessions are treated as a game in which the person who writes the most songs wins.  The point is not to write earth-shaking art, but to pump out as much material as possible.  This method is an attempt to silence the inner critic and thereby potentially explore songwriting avenues that we would not normally explore.  Sometimes the result is a "keeper", other times the result can be pretty terrible.  Never the less, at the end of the day when we meet to share our work, the results are good for a laugh.

     Keep in mind these songs were composed and recorded as quickly as possible in order to churn out much crap.  The recordings are far from pristine, the performances are largely flawed, and many of the songs are just plain bad/awesome.
Day Sessions