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    This website has been created to guide readers through the many facets of Mary Shelley's intricately layered Frankenstein. I have made accessible to the public a couple of Mary Shelley's journals in order to demystify the voice behind the writing. It offers quotes from Mary Shelley's journals and my thoughts on the journal entries I read. There is a minor character analysis which goes into depth on whom I consider to be the most crucial minor character in the story; Safie. A Samuel Coleridge poem grappling with the idea of man and mortality has been explicated in order to give the reader a sense of the ambiance that fogged the Romantic Period (man, nature, and the sublime). 

    I read several of the reviews written on Mary Shelley's masterpiece and selected the few I found to be particularly relevant. My criticism of those reviews can be found in my "Review of Reviews".

    While making this page I found myself identifying with Frankenstein himself. As the concept of the creation of immortal life consumed and overtook Frankenstein, I have found the computer (and this page) to be a modern day monster. Consequentially, there is no glamor to be found on the page; it is simple and uncomplicated. 

    I have prefaced my website with a picture of Achilles from Homer's Iliad because I believe that above all, Mary Shelley sent her book into the world as a statement on the hubris of man, it's tendency to defy laws held to be universally true, and finally it's eventuality; he destruction of the man it inhabits.