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Mary Okin

Last updated 18 May 2008

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These webpages were created around two chapters of Mary Shelley's 1818 Frankenstein, and the knowledge and information gathered from research and assigned readings in English 149 "TechnoRomanticism" at San Jose State University.

They are a part of a larger collaborative class effort, to create a modern annotated edition of the text, with individual adaptation and interpretation contributed from each student.

For my part, I have annotated two chapters from Volume II that relate the history of the Creature and his beloved Cottagers. They tell the story of a brief period of idyllic existence, which makes up the formative period of the Creature's life. Each chapter inspired additional pages that hopefully will add some context to the story and relate it to the ideas of Romanticism, the life of Mary Shelley, and the narrative of the Creature in Frankenstein. Please Enjoy!                                 

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