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Fairies and legends always make for captivating stories. Place these stories in Ireland and the real magic begins. Having been to Ireland, and specifically Killarney, Ireland, Thomas Haynes Bayly’s short story “A Legend of Killarney” appealed to me immediately. This is a story of fairies, forbidden love and how the Lakes of Killarney were formed many, many years ago.

Thomas Haynes Bayly was not an Irishman, however, but an English poet and playwright, born in Bath on 13 October 1797. At the age of 22, he experienced forbidden love firsthand and fled to Scotland and Dublin, Ireland as a result. It was in Dublin that he began to associate with the literary crowd and also began to write songs, stories and romantic poetry, many of which are Irish themed. He saw some success as a playwright, but due to bad investments his fortune dwindled.

Bayly died of jaundice complicated by dropsy on 22 April 1839, at the early age of forty-one. Dropsy is the swelling of tissue known today as edema. His early death shocked those in literary and theater circles, including Charles Dickens who gave five pounds to the family benefit fund.