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From January 1973 to September 1975 American comic book publisher Marvel ran an 18-issue Frankenstein series entitled The Frankenstein Monster.The Frankenstein Monster marked a change for Marvel Comics, which in the 1960s had become the leading publisher of comic books. This new line of comics moved away from Marvel's superhero themes and introduced a touch of horror and fantasy to the Marvel Universe, which up to then had only been populated by the likes of Spiderman and the X-Men.



In 2002 Lego released a Frankenstein and monster set as part of the Lego studio toy line.


 Frankenstein Troll

 1975- Disney jumps on the Frankenstein bandwagon. ISBN-13: 978-0315039483 Pyramid; 1ST edition



Frankenstein Glow Putty - It shapes, stretches and transfers comics just like the regular putty, but even scarier... it glows in the dark!

British designers Antoni and Alison brought a touch of horror to London Fashion Week.




Nike Air Force One Premium (Frankenstein Edition) Style #313641-301