Making Monsters Quotes

Places where Frankenstein's monster comes to life in new ways...One of the themes of this site is to consider how monsters are made far more frequently than we might imagine. 

We are talking about a culture which is very new, very come lately. And to which human beings may not be well adapted. The fact that we're trapped in it simply means that we're capable of creating a culture that can rise up against us like a Frankenstein's monster and perhaps destroy us. -Theodore Roszak


Artists, wails Walter, "don't believe that technology is a good thing, intrinsically." I don't much care what artists believe, especially if Alter is typical of them, but their reported opinion does them credit. I'd have thought it obnosis, ignoring the obvious, to believe in technology "intrinsically," not as the means to an end or ends it's marketed as, but as some sort of be-all and end-all of no use to anybody. Art-for-art's-sake is a debatable credo but at least it furnishes art which for some pleases by its beauty. Technology for its own sake makes no sense at all, no more than Dr. Frankenstein's monster. If tech-for-tech's sake isn't the antithesis of reason, I don't know reason from squat and I'd rather not. -   Bob Black


The Net shows all the signs of growing beyond the capacity of its creators to control. That may mean it has more in common with Dr. Frankenstein's monster than with the creative and loving God depicted in the Bible. If the Internet is functioning as a symbol for God, we must ask what kind of a symbol it is. Or, perhaps more important, what kind of a God would it be referring to? - from THE INTERNET AS A METAPHOR FOR GOD? by Charles Henderson


              Chris Matthews, at the conclusion of his Sunday morning talk show explored the impact of the U.S.-led invasion of Iraq. Matthews said that Iraq used to be “a country which has fought revolutionary Iran for eight years to a bloody stand still.” Now, it’s a “Shia dominated ally of Iran.” Matthews concluded: “Our brave soldiers have fought, died and been dismembered in Iraq only to connect the disparate pieces of Shia radicalism into a Frankenstein monster that has come to life right there on our TV screens.


It was all done as part of a vile experiment conducted on the British economy, involving privatisation, deregulation, trade union legislation and tight monetary policy. It was Margaret Thatcher's Frankenstein's Monster. To put it bluntly, their tools were anti-trade union legislation and mass unemployment.