Making Monsters

and Making Websites

Welcome to my dark and stormy student web project for a course called TechnoRomanticism at San Jose State University, home of the Bulwer-Lytton Fiction Contest. The aim of this website is to explore the novel Frankenstein through the character of Justine Moritz, the young woman who is framed for murder by Frankenstein's monster, and subsequently executed.

The novel explores the circumstances that lead to the creation of a monster. Justine is psychologically manipulated to see herself as a monster and declare her guilt for a crime she did not commit, while the Creature is driven to become a homicidal monster. Both characters are outcasts and victims, yet the Creature is the one modern readers find more sympathetic...

What does this say about us? 

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Thank you.

Victoria Machado

English 149 - TechnoRomanticism

San Jose State University

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