An Annotated Frankenstein 

200 years of mad scientists and monsters (1818-2018)

"I almost began to think that I was the monster that he said I was."


                            Enriched Classics edition                          justine silhouette

                 "She perished on the scaffold as a murderess!" (artist: Bernie Wrightson)

 The story of FRANKENSTEIN is alive and well... 

Recent Novel Adaptation:


The Memoirs of Elizabeth Frankenstein by Theodore Roszak is based on the premise that Victor is carrying Elizabeth’s journal when Robert Walton encounters him. Elizabeth has written an autobiography for Victor’s eyes only, which reveals far more about the relationship than Victor cared to admit to Walton. Highlights: Caroline, Victor Frankenstein's mother, teaches Elizabeth how to masturbate,

and dispels the myth believed by men that women can only get pleasure from men's "grand batons." The description of Elizabeth's transcendent orgasm would have been more effective if she had shouted "It's alive!" Alternately erotic and hilariously silly. Don't miss it!

 Recent Film Using a Frankenstein theme:

X-Files: I Want to Believe

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