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Fear of Being Forgotten

The Female Creature

Nature and Sublime

Reviews of Frankenstein





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Lord Porchester, or better known as Henry John Herbert, third earl of Carnarvon, was born on June 8, 1800 in London. Throughout his lifetime, Lord Porchester traveled extensively throughout North Africa, Spain, and Portugal, and during this traveling, he managed to publish The Moor, in 1825, and  Don Pedro, King of Castile, in 1828. In 1839, Lord Porchester traveled through Greece, which was admidst a war, and his son published his notes of this journey as Reminiscences of Athens and the Morea, in 1869.

            Lord Porchester’s poem, “To A Pearl,” concerns the speaker’s love for some unknown lady, but distance has separated the speaker and the subject of his love. He tells her, “Cherish the mem’ry of that distant day, / And prize this relic of our friendship, far / Beyond the fabled gems of Istakhar” (Porchester 265). The poem focuses on the effects of distance on love and friendship, and the speaker seems to understand that such distance is taxing on the spirit. Porchester’s travels seem to permeate in the poem, specifically the speaker’s concerns for such journeys.