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This website is dedicated to providing a forum and resources for those interested in the Queer theory familiar to the Gothic genre. Though there are articles about various interesting topics (i.e., Vampires in Gay Porn), most of the site focuses on contemporary Gothic/Queer interests. mgg

  •      RaVon: Romanticism and Victorianism on the Net. Eds. Michael Eberle-Sinatra, Dino Franco Felluga, Nicholas Halmi, etc. 14 January 2008. <> 17 February 2008.

This is a frequently updated online journal devoted to Romantic and Victorian Literature. The current issue boasts an article on Mary Shelley’s The Last Man! mgg

An amazing resource replete with essays written by that darkling of gothic studies: Fred Botting! There are essays concerning several gothic devices including doubling, technology, and of course ghoulies. mgg

Go ahead: type in “Frankenstein!” This provides a multitude of resources for gothic study, though it is somewhat like a bag of Halloween candy: you may have to sift through and inspect a bunch of the pieces before you eat them. mgg

True to its name: all things Frankenstein! This is a very active super-blog dedicated to Frankenstein and the novel’s impact on the “arts, media, and popular culture!” Look for Frankenstein Valentine’s Day cards, pictures of various covers of the novel, and so very much more… mgg

This site offers, in addition to brief critical introductions to Romanticism and Gothic literature, excerpts of key gothic texts for study such as William Beckford’s Vathek and Walpole’s The Castle of Otranto. mgg

This has it all if you are looking to discuss Romantic and Gothic literature from a feminist standpoint. A faculty created website, this is replete with links to various e-texts (categorized by author and artist), articles, lectures, and other resources. mgg

This webpage gives a thorough introduction to gothic architecture as well as a bibliography for further study and helps connect the concepts that shape gothic literature with the architecture that it often features. mgg

I was looking for a history of the devil, but found something more interesting: the Church of Satan. In the history section of this website, there is a section subtitled “The Modern Prometheus” (ring a bell?). Worth taking a look at to explore the demonology and theories. mgg

  •     Sublime Anxiety: The Gothic Family and the Outsider. University of Virginia Library Exhibit. Ed. Courtney Boissonnault. 1996.                                                                                                    <>

This is a very interesting, relevant online exhibit concerning the Shelleys, chapbooks, Edward Gorey, and various other resources pertinent to study of the gothic genre. There is so very much to explore and read and view! mgg