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What is Knowledge?

What is Self-Knowledge?

Music of Frankenstein

"Relatives" of Frankenstein

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All writing by Daisy Cho

“The Old Gentleman” by Theodore Hook, from The Keepsake for 1829

Short story published in 1829 that features Frankensteinian obsession with knowledge.  More...

Mary Shelley – The Frankenstein Notebooks

A brief description of the manuscript of Frankenstein and how it may influence our reading of the story.  More...

Review of Reviews

Contemporary critical reception of Frankenstein. The reviews illustrate literary, religious and moral preoccupations of the 19th century.   More...

The Last Man

Shelley's 1824 novel that expands on what she starts in Frankenstein: the anxiety towards knowledge, the fear of industrialization, the lack of self-knowledge that ultimately leads to the destruction of all mankind save one. The PowerPoint slides focus on Shelley's particular blend of Romanticism and Classicism, and how the use of music in the novel further brings together the two seemingly opposite movements.  More...


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