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What is Self-Knowledge?

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        This project owes much to the machinery of “TechnoRomanticism” at San Jose Sate University, with Dr. Katherine Harris at the helm and excellent peers fanning the fire in the steam chamber.  The creative process takes its parts from numerous in-class discussions, reading and writing assignments, after-class (and sometimes aptly online) sharing; and assembles all bits and pieces into a new entity, much like the creation of the Creature in Frankenstein. But unlike Dr. Frankenstein, none of the knowledge presented by this website is exclusive; the creator is this case does not envision that “a new species would bless me as its creator and source” (Frankenstein 34). 

        This is the final project for English 149 "TechnoRomanticism" at San Jose State University.  The "Creator" of the site will hopefully stay away from the perilous path that Frankenstein takes, and be a more open-minded if less inspired student than the young Frankenstein. 

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