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Sources with Abstracts:

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This Facebook group, while admittedly not a scholarly source, certainly echoes many of the themes of our class, including studies of the sublime, the supernatural, landscape including outer space, and monstrous figures. It is also a forum for three forms of artistic expression: drawing and painting, videography, and criticism and writing. dtc


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This site features an introduction to one of the most notorious murdering sprees in English history. There are links to the letters left by the killers, witness, victim, and suspect listings, and other official reports centered on the incidents. The grizzly nature of the serial murders relates directly to our studies of the gothic, because of the unbelievable gore, the issues of class, and the presence of a monstrous figure. dtc


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This portion of the website specifically provides a forum for common reader and viewer perspectives on Jane Austen’s works. It is connected to websites that index Austen’s life and major events, FAQ pages about the author’s influences, relationships, and so on, and links to over a dozen related sites. This site is a great start for an overview on one of the pivotal Romantic writers. dtc


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Contained in this gallery are a massive number of drawings, including some caricatures, from various artists, each of which depicts the clothing styles of the Romantic Period. Many of these works include female subjects, and some photographs with accompanying explanations about garments are sprinkled into the website. This gallery provides a fantastic view of the dress of the period, along with modern and period commentary about the fashion. dtc


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The famous monologue from Coppola’s movie “Apocalypse Now” features Marlon Brando recounting the way in which the arms of innocent villagers who had been vaccinated were hacked off by invading armies in wartime Vietnam. The aspect of this monologue that is so celebrated is the lingering line, “the horror!”, a theme in all gothic literature. Brando’s account of the psychological profile that the armies must have had reflects an absence of remorse for even the most terrible actions. dtc


Lynch, Jack. A Guide to Eighteenth-Century English Vocabulary. 14 April 2006. <>. 19 Feb 2008.

Essentially a 1700’s version of a Webster’s Dictionary, Lynch’s guide to vocabulary provides guides to the meanings and usages of words that have fallen out of modern dictionaries. Thus, Lynch’s catalogue can provide the reader with a useful tool to help navigate the rocky vocabulary of Romantic era novels, and thus help to provide a more complete reading of a work when all other glossaries may be obsolete or insufficient. dtc


Melton, J. Gordon. Vampires: A Chronology. Vampire Junction. Ed. Candy Cosner. 2001. <>. 21 Feb 2008.

This website provides a chronology of all the historical and literary instances of or linked to the existence of vampires. Nearly a dozen of the references listed here occur during the Romantic period, although the list starts in the 11th century. This ghoul is an important one to recognize as a major player in gothic literature, as it represents the undead, sexuality, social class, as is bound up with theory of knowledge and period architecture. dtc


Rowen, Beth. Scariest Movies: Scary Movies Slideshow. Pearson Education: Information Please. 2007. <>. 20 Feb 2008.

This is another source for readers interested in the modern translations that gothic themes have undergone. Rowen has ranked the top 10 horror movies of all time, noting in each one a shot plot outline with some gruesome details. dtc


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The Royal Household of the United Kingdom has set up this website in order to disseminate information about their policies, to relate news regarding their actions, and to provide a centralized location for common concerns of its people. This website provides the British government with a lens for its own actions, which allows the reader to see what the government wants to be seen. This is a useful tool that relates to frame narrative, storytelling, and a version of history. dtc


Voller, Jack G. Doing Gothic Research. The Literary Gothic. Ed. Jack G. Voller. <>. 20 Feb 2008

This website hosts a very useful guide to the intricacies of doing scholarly research in the somewhat underrepresented gothic genre. Voller gives some helpful hints including to research ‘romantic’ as well as ‘gothic’ and to never avoid non-internet sources, and also suggests two major annotated bibliographies that specifically relate to gothic literature. dtc


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