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welcome to a burgeoning website dedicated to an exploration of mary shelley's frankenstein (1818). the contents of this website, filed just to the left, include full texts of letter IV and chapter IV of the book, pop culture allusions and re-imaginations of the story, internet-accessible drawings and photographs pertaining to the novel and its characters, reviews from modern and contemporary poems and films with themes pertinent to the novel, and many other catalogs prime for exploration.

the following links are an effort to explore the events and themes that might have influenced frankenstein (1818). hopefully, they will serve to further contextualize mary shelley's novel:

a timeline of literary historical research. this timeline, the result of an extraordinary effort from the entire class, details the major advances, events, trends, and actors from england's romantic period (1780-1830). 

a composite map of minor characters. many of shelley's most artistic plays are contained in the development of and interplay between characters other than our two protagonists. this text was designed to help provide an extended criticism of some of the major influences of the minor characters.

an encyclopedic list of related links. this catalog was engendered in order to supplement a reading of frankenstein (1818). the websites assembled here include 16 diverse themes, including alchemy, botany, architecture, politics, and fashion.