"A dandy read, boiling together a stew of comic book action, hard-boiled fic, Hollywood satirizing, and using slick prose to keep the motion going. A bit gritty but not lacking a sense of humor and a requisite sense of general fun, ADONIS MORGAN: NOBODY SPECIAL is both a superhero yarn with a wee bit of genre send-up. It’s smartly written, fast-paced, always engaging and packed with entertaining characters."                         -- Kristofer Upjohn, Book Devil

"These [Adonis Morgan] stories are original and insightful and offer up a unique look into a little explored sci-fi pulp genre. If you’ve never read superhero prose before, this is the place to start."      
-- Ron Fortier, Pulp Fiction Reviews
"[Things To Come  is] an excellent collection of tales, focusing less on the exploits and battles of superheroes and villains and more on the humanity of those people who wear the masks."                            
-- Ian T. Healy, Just Cause Universe

"Things To Come is a reverent and reflective peek behind the mask. Rather than focusing on thunderous battles between superwomen and supermen, these stories witness heroes (and villains) in decline and self-doubt."       -- Eric Searleman, Superhero Novels blog
". . . Fantastic stories by a gifted storyteller."  -- Tom Waltz, Children of the Grave

"Prose writing the way it should be. . .manly!. . .The best compliment I could give it was, 'I wish I had written that.'"
-- Beau Smith,

"[F]eels like a superhero genesis story straight out of a modern, mainstream comic book.  In fact, the images that flashed through my head were similar to the artwork from the X-Men comics I used to swipe from my brother as a kid."  -- Tangent Online
"Superpowers [are] just a strand in the greater weave of his story."  -- CM Hiebert, Staff Writer, Cyber Age Adventures

"The world that Frank Byrns has created is one that I want to read more of. . .he has created believable and dynamic characters in a real world. . .we see the people behind the masks, trying to live out their lives as best as they can."