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Frank Byrns

The author of Adonis Morgan: Nobody Special, Frank Byrns lives in suburban Maryland with his wife and children, where he writes short stories and comics about superheroes, outlaws, and sometimes baseball.

He has seen stories published in a wide variety of markets, including Strange Horizons, Electric Velocipede, Everyday Fiction, Stymie, Shotgun Honey, Plan B Magazine, The Washington Post, and the WW Norton Anthology of Hint Fiction.

Byrns chronicled the continuing adventures of classic pulp characters like Jim Anthony, Super-Detective and The Black Bat for Airship27 before releasing Adonis Morgan: Nobody Special, a collection featuring his most popular original character through Pro Se Press.

His superhero fiction has been collected into three volumes: My Father's Son (2004), Requiem (2006), and Things to Come (2009), all recently re-released for the Kindle.

In a previous life, he was the publisher and editor-in-chief of A Thousand Faces, the Quarterly Journal of Superhuman Fiction, which ran for 14 issues between 2007 and 2010.