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The investing and life philosophy of Warren Buffett
Buffettucation discusses the long-term investing and life philosophies of the greatest investor, businessman and philanthropic contributor of our time, Warren E. Buffett.



101 ways to transform your life

This is my personal reflection on Dr. Wayne Dyer's audio recording, 101 ways to transform your life.

Reflection 101- Transform your life

360 Degree Wealth

The best of the personal finance tips online
The best personal finance and investing tips found online. With the right about of information, one can make well-informed finance decisions. This blog seeks out the best advice online; all the information already exists, so check here for good content.

360 Degree Wealth

Knol Free

Educate yourself with free online courses
A combination of open source and free online courses available from major universities and institutions including M.I.T., Berkeley and Stanford.

My Tumblr

My Tumblr Blog
Spirituality, Investing, Lectures, Technology, Books and all that's good on the web. Follow me on Tumblr.

Great Talks

Great talks by great people
Some of the most inspirational and intellectual speeches given by some of the worlds' most influential people.

Web Apps 101

The best of the web 2.0 apps
Basic introductions to some of the best applications available online.

FJ Photos
My interesting find of photos
A collection of the humorous, strange, interesting and random photos I come across daily on the web.

The future of technology begins with these concepts
Next Generation technology.

Be kind and loving to all of life, including your own, at all times no matter what. Be forgiving, be gentle, be that which is supportive of life. It becomes not what you do, but what you are.                                                                         - Dr. David Hawkins

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